Speed ​​and security with Gigas load balancers

The loading speed of your website is crucial for the user experience: that there are no crashes or service slowdowns, and that your visitors can quickly access what they are looking for and, most importantly, that they convert.

To do this, the cloud server you have contracted must be capable of managing a large number of requests at the same time, without compromising the performance of your website or e-commerce. To achieve this, load balancers play a fundamental role.

If you don’t know what they are, in this article we are going to explain to you what the function of an f5 load balancer is, what benefits they have and the advantages offered by one of the leading brands in the sector, Gigas, as we will explain more. forward.

What is a load balancer

Load balancers are hardware or software devices that sit in front of a set of servers serving a web application. Its job is to allocate or balance the requests that come from clients to servers.

Thus, using an algorithm, what the load balancer does is distribute the workload among several computers, whether they are separate or all organized in a cluster. This way, the pressure to which the servers are subjected is much less and the performance of the application or website is not compromised.

Benefits of a load balancer

If a load balancer does its job properly, is well configured and its operation has been optimized, these are some of the advantages you will achieve:

-Minimization of response times: The user experience does not suffer, and the requests you make are offered in the shortest time possible.

-Better performance and service performance: The performance of the online service is completely optimized, which means that resources are used appropriately.

This results in a better experience, greater satisfaction and all of this, indirectly, will result in higher conversion rates.

-Always available applications: As performance is optimized, applications are always available and are shown to the user in the shortest possible time after each request. Additionally, they can be easily and automatically scaled if necessary.

-Saturation is avoided: By balancing the work between different computers, the load is distributed between different computers, thus avoiding the saturation of a single server by receiving multiple requests at the same time.

-Increases security: Thanks to the use of load balancers, not only is web traffic managed much better, but downtime is reduced and, in addition, they act as the first line of defense against cyber attacks, which increases the security of the application and the service. Web.

Which companies can use a load balancer

Load balancers are a cloud service for companies offered by companies like Gigas. They offer benefits to companies in any sector that have a website, an e-commerce or offer any other service on the Internet.

For example, any company that offers e-commerce services and that may experience specific traffic peaks on specific dates – such as Black Friday, a Christmas campaign or when launching a specific promotion – can benefit from having a load balancer.

The same happens with banking entities, which will thus be able to offer fast and secure transactions to their clients, with brands from any sector that launch aggressive marketing campaigns, online media that experience traffic spikes…

In reality, any company that is online and may experience periods of high demand or critical security will benefit from employing cloud load balancers to improve their online performance and security.

Advantages of Gigas load balancers

If you have been convinced by the countless advantages of load balancers, you should know that there are many on the market, but not all brands offer the same benefits and guarantees.

The f5 load balancers from Gigas, one of the main brands on the market, make the difference. In addition to being up to 30% cheaper than equivalent solutions, they make it easier for you to manage the entire service because from your control panel you will be able to see and manage the activity of all your balanced servers.

In addition, Gigas is a comprehensive provider of cloud and cybersecurity solutions, so they can become your outsourced IT department if you wish. They can offer you a close service adapted to your needs, offering you the advice you need to establish the ideal architecture for your company.

And all this with technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that you are attended to at all times and have professional support so that your website or e-commerce is always available, offering the best performance and avoiding saturation at times. of traffic peaks.

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