Speizy, the startup that brings the Airbnb model to storage rooms and garages

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Many people who have a house or apartment that they are not going to use for a long season or whose space is very large and do not need everything constantly consider renting a room -or the whole house- through platforms such as Airbnb. This is a widespread practice, and it allows many other people to enjoy affordable accommodation wherever they need it. But… why not transfer this same model to storage rooms and parking spaces?

That’s what two entrepreneurs from Bilbao thought, who launched in June 2021 the startup Speizy, whose goal is to transfer that Airbnb model to storage spaces (mainly storage rooms) and parking spaces (garages above all).

Thanks to his idea, existing space is put to better use among individuals. If you have a storage room that you do not use – or only partially use – or a parking space that you do not use (or will not use for a season or several hours a day), you can use Speizy and become a “host”, receiving payment for allowing other people to use it.

The concept is clear and the formula works. In fact, Speizy already has more than 1,500 spaces available in major Spanish cities, with a special focus on Madrid and Barcelona, which allow the rental of garages and storage rooms.

In addition, Speizy hosts are earning an average income of 1,200 euros per year for an average space that would otherwise be underutilized, while tenants can access space for rent up to 50% cheaper than in other media Everyone wins!

Services provided by Speizy

It should be noted that, in addition to the economic aspect, which earns money for landlords and saves money for tenants, the services provided by Speizy offer significant advantages for both.

For example, Speizy takes care at all times to prepare the rental contract, so that neither landlord nor tenant have to worry about anything and are supported by a well-drafted document, which will give security to this transaction between individuals.

But in addition, through Speizy you can automate the monthly rental payments for the garage or storage room in question. In addition, the platform verifies the identity of every user, which also gives peace of mind when renting to a person of whom you have references.

In case there are any setbacks in payments, Speizy also offers coverage for late payments if there are any. In addition, its customer service will mediate any issues that may arise. In other words, neither owner nor tenant will be left unattended at any time in the event of any eventuality.

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