Spiders that eat large snakes

Spiders are primarily insectivores. Although they sometimes expand their menu. A compilation of 319 reports confirms the unusual strategy. Even 30 times bigger than them. Spiders that eat large snakes surprise science.

Spiders that eat large snakes are not afraid.
Spiders that eat large snakes are not afraid.
Around the world

E.The study was published in the American Journal of Arachnology. Spiders eat snakes on every continent except Antarctica. 80% of the incidents were observed in the US and Australia. In Europe, on the other hand, it’s strange. Spiders from 11 different families can catch and eat snakes. “This is a completely new finding,” he emphasizes. it’s a statement Martin Nyffeler. He is an arachnologist at the University of Basel, author of the study.

Black widows of the Theridiidae family were the most successful snake hunters. Its powerful poison contains a specific toxin. It targets the vertebrate nervous system. They build extremely strong silk composites. This is how they catch larger prey: frogs, mice, birds, snakes.

Spiders that eat large snakes are not intimidated by their size. They can defeat snakes 10 to 30 times their size.

The largest snakes caught by spiders can grow up to a meter in length. The poison that spiders use would be deadly to humans too. These studies can help understand these neurotoxins and how they affect vertebrates.

These attacks are often recorded.
These attacks are often recorded.
More spiders

“Black widow venom in the nervous system of snakes has already been studied. In other spider groups, however, it is largely absent. We want to know which components of poisons are capable of such damage, ”says Martin Nyffeler.

In the United States and South America, spiders sometimes kill rattlesnakes. Also highly venomous coral snakes. In Australia, brown snakes are often hunted by spiders. Martin Nyffeler says: “These brown snakes are among the most venomous snakes in the world. And it’s really fascinating to see them lose fights with spiders. “

When a spider catches a snake, it often spends days eating. They have an irregular feeding pattern. If there is a lot of food available, they will overeat. They store these as energy stores in your body.

Yes, you mean business, snakes. But more than that, spiders.

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