Tricks to get Spotify Premium free 100% legal

This is a tutorial aimed at getting Spotify on your phone at a cheaper price than usual (or free for as long as possible), so we want to tell you that, if you’re looking for some way to “hack Spotify” to get it always free, here you won’t find something like that.

Spotify is one of the most successful applications for music lovers. This success is not the result of any chance and is preceded by several reasons. First of all, we are dealing with a platform that has a lot of artists and songs and where more and more people are part of it. Over time, Spotify is getting licenses that were previously impossible, thus improving the content of its platform, getting more songs and music genres.

Spotify isn’t just about what’s on the radio, it’s about finding the entire discography of your favourite artist. In addition to this, it is possible to find some discs or compilations, which makes it one of the platforms that has more content today. Although all this sounds great, Spotify has a monthly price. A lot of people want to enjoy music but they can’t afford it. The aim of this article will be to show you different ways to enjoy Spotify for free or at least at a reduced price, so you won’t notice its monthly cost, let’s see how.

👉 Enjoy Spotify for free

Even though Spotify is a paid music platform, you can enjoy a free account without any problems. In this free account, you can do a lot of different things, such as create your own playlists, follow your friends and see what they’re listening to or the playlists they’ve created to share or discover new playlists created by Spotify especially for you, which also highlight recommendations based on the type of music you listen to.

spotify-premium account

All of this you can do for free as Spotify allows you to do it. However, it is obvious that there have to be some differences with the paid version and basically these differences translate into two important concepts, the elimination of advertisements and the possibility of being able to hear it through the mobile phone completely.

Thanks to the large number of advertisers who participate in Spotify, you can enjoy the platform completely free of charge just by listening to one or two ads that ring from time to time between your songs. It is a small price to pay for using the service, to know those companies that make it possible to keep the platform standing.

One of the things that Spotify users like best is the ability to listen to it on your mobile phone. This portable version, however, is rather more restrictive than the computer version. This is because if we do not have a payment account on the platform, we will have limited access to the platform on our mobile terminal. This limited access means that we can’t listen to the song we want, but we’ll have to do it randomly. We will be able to continue listening to our lists without any type of problem but unfortunately, we will not be able to select the song in concrete that we want.

In addition to this, we will also have to deal with the same ads that we find in your desktop version but in this case, we can deal with them differently. Spotify has included a new type of advertising in its platform and this consists of allowing advertisers to create small advertising videos. From our mobile version, Spotify allows us to consume these videos and rewards us if we do so with 30 minutes of uninterrupted music. In this way, it’s a bit of a way for the platform to reward those who have viewed the ads, allowing them to listen to their music completely free of charge on their online device without interrupting the ads.

Although these are interesting options for listening to Spotify for free, it’s always more appealing to be able to use the Premium version. This paid version is the one that eliminates the ads and allows us to listen to as much music as we want on our mobile phone without any restrictions. In order to test this version of the platform, we are going to present some alternative formulas through which you will hardly have to support the price of the platform.

💰 Free trial period Spotify 

One of the easiest ways to enjoy Spotify Premium without having to pay a single euro is to get a free trial. This free trial period consists of 30 days where we can enjoy the Premium completely free, without having to pay a euro for it. In this way, we will be able to listen to all the music without advertising and also listen to it in its entirety on our mobile phone.

spotify premium 60 days

The free trial period is linked to the account itself. This means that once we have activated it with our account, we will not be able to enjoy it again. Obviously it is a trial period and to try things only once is enough, so if after the end of it we want to continue enjoying the benefits offered by this Premium mode, we should pay.

However, as we have seen, the free trial period is linked to an account itself. This means that if you make another account, you can enjoy that completely free period again. In the end, Spotify does not know who the person using the service is and only knows about accounts. It may be a bit of a roll, because obviously everything we have saved in our account, such as favorite songs, our tastes or playlists, will be lost when we open a new account, but it is a feasible alternative enough to continue enjoying all the music without advertising on our mobile phone. To do this, all you have to do is close the session, open a new account and enjoy the trial period again.

👨🎓 If you are a student…

Spotify also makes it easier for students. In addition to obviously being able to benefit from the trial period, if we are students we will have access to a much more juicy promotion and is that we can start paying 0.99€ for three months of Premium. Premium month on Spotify is €9.99 so we’ll be saving around €30 with this offer.

In addition to this, once this period has ended, we can continue renewing to keep the Premium at a much cheaper cost, this being 4.99, ie half the money of a normal subscription. In Spotify they want you to take the music everywhere and they understand that the way to school needs to be made more enjoyable, so this promotion is quite interesting.

If you’re not a student, forget about this promotion because they have third party tools that verify if we’re really in that student process.

💸 3 months for 0.99

This promotion is identical to that of students, except that it applies to everyone. It’s not really always active, but in Spotify they usually activate it during various times of the year, generally where they have studied that people have a little more free time or that they use more music to set the mood or different parties, such as summer and Christmas.

It’s a good opportunity to take advantage of because it’s quite a few months at a very low price, so it’s interesting to have music of our choice during every Christmas, for something less than one euro.

📋 Conducting online surveys

It will be enough to search a little through Google to know a lot of companies that carry out on slopes over the internet. If you are a person who is interested in participating in these surveys and you have no problem giving up a few minutes of your free time, you need to know that these surveys are remunerated and that in some cases, they are paid directly with some kind of voucher or promotion, where we can find these months of Spotify.

The operation of these platforms is usually quite similar and works in a very simple way. The user who wants to participate, receives a survey to his mail that answers completely anonymously and once completed, sends through the platform. This user obviously has an account where he accumulates points according to the surveys he completes. In this way, when you reach a certain number of surveys or a specific amount, you can convert this work into these gift vouchers we talked about earlier, exchanging them for months of Premium subscriptions.

👪 Family discounts

Surely in your family members, there is one more than you who would like to be able to enjoy good music. In this sense, Spotify has an option that consists of being able to group the accounts, as if they were a virtual family, with which expenses are shared among them.

This is a much cheaper way to enjoy Spotify Premium, linked to our family accounts, so basically it’s as if we had a much larger account, which we use together and through which the price is to share among all.

Specifically, the family plan costs 14.99 and admits up to 5 family members, so the account is easy, it costs 3€ per person, much cheaper than the 9.99€ per month, in addition to having 5 different Premium accounts, each with their musical tastes.

🤑 7-day free trial

Through the application, from the Spotify options menu, it is sometimes possible to select to start a 7-day free trial period. This trial period needs to be requested and like the one we have mentioned before of the 30 days, it is possible to enjoy all the functionalities in full without having to pay an extra euro for it.

💲 Applications offering Spotify rewards

Finally, and following a tone similar to that of the surveys, there are applications that directly offer us cash or gift cards from different programs, doing certain things in their applications.

This kind of thing that we are asked is quite simple and it will suffice to access the application and see what kind of rewards are available at that time. Usually what is usually asked is to install certain applications, play some in particular and reach a certain level, register on a certain page …

The trick to this is quite simple and is that most of them are advertising agencies that earn money the more users get to those specific applications on which we are interacting. This way, the result is quite simple because if they make money with our visit, which costs us nothing, they reward us later with these gift cards that for example we can use in Spotify.

It is quite easy to enjoy some of the above options and be able to try the Premium completely for free and if we insist a little and are persistent in our work, we can extend in time for many months more.

Tricks to get Spotify Premium free 100% legal

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