How do you keep them from spying on Whatsapp? How do they do that?

Spying on WhatsApp has become one of the most common searches users do on Google. Such is the trend that many fraudulent applications are launched into the market assuring the user that they will hack or spy on someone else’s WhatsApp, but all they are doing is compromising their own personal data.

It is for this reason that many people wonder if the WhatsApp can really be spied on, if there is a method that allows us to do so.

In order to help you with this, we have prepared this extensive guide that will help you learn all about WhatsApp spying, and what you need to do to protect yourself from these attacks.

Techniques for Knowing How to Spy WhatsApp

Of all the known techniques, we want to warn you of something.

We want to warn you that what we expose here is written with the intention that you protect yourself against intruders or people who want to spy the wasap for some reason. That’s why we want to make it clear that we don’t teach other people to spy here.

Services that don’t work

If you take a look at the application market, you will notice that there are many apps that have the goal of hacking the WhatsApp. In fact, we can even find them in Google Play (In Android) or in the App Store (in IOS); although they don’t last long, since they don’t take long to be detected and eliminated.

Be very careful when you are asked for your phone number to activate one of these applications.

There are also some that are simply malware (a type of malicious file) that will be installed on your device in order to add advertising.

In case you have any doubt about whether or not an app works to spy on WhatsApp, the best thing you can do is not to install it.


How to spy WhatsApp using WhatsApp Web?

This is the method most used by hackers to spy on your conversations. They must have physical access to your terminal, so you must be especially careful when you leave it behind somewhere.

Before analyzing this method, it is important to know what exactly WhatsApp Web is; we are talking about a tool that allows us to use WhatsApp in the computer. Unlike other applications such as Telegram, it is not a stand-alone tool, but will be a kind of mirror with the phone. So if at that time the phone is not in the same WiFi network as the computer, it will not work.

The process is simple: All they do is enter the website and from there they scan the QR code with the phone. From the phone start the WhatsApp app, click on settings->WhatsApp Web and focus with the camera to the computer code.

Synchronization is carried out immediately. It will be then when these people will be able to control without any problem your Whatsapp from the pc.

Solutions to protect against this form of espionage

  • First, never leave the phone alone or forgotten. You must always carry it with you so that no one can access it, unless it is a place of trust.
  • Second, try to activate all possible options to access your finish. There are phones that ask you for a code when they are activated, others ask for your fingerprint, even now there are some that recognize your face. Enabling these options would be the best solution to make it more difficult for these hackers.

Technique for spying WhatsApp using the Sim card

Unlike other messaging systems, WhatsApp uses the phone number given by the SIM card to work (in fact, if we don’t validate the application through a message, we won’t be able to use it). There is a message transmission bug through which you can access the different messages that the application can receive while it is in airplane mode.

In this way, if they have obtained a duplicate of our card, another person could be receiving our messages, and could even impersonate us.

This means that it is important to keep our PIN number hidden at all times, especially our PUK number (which, as you know, cannot be changed, but is unique to each card).

The main problem with this type of vulnerability is that it is considered very difficult to exploit: you will have to have a fairly high level of knowledge, something that the vast majority of users do not have. In addition, we are not guaranteed that it will always work: in fact, in each version it is solved in a certain way, although not definitively.

Technique for spying WhatsApp having access to the phone

If someone has our phone in front of them, the most logical thing would be to unlock it, enter Whatsapp and simply take a look at the conversion that interests you. They might think of saving the conversation and sending it, but because it’s encrypted they couldn’t read anything.

A much more dangerous option is to ask for the confirmation message in order to steal the account.

The process is simple, so we must know well the methodology they use to avoid it.

  1. What they do is install Whatsapp on a device other than ours. As soon as you have to enter the confirmation number, they put the number of our terminal.
  2. We’d get a number in the form of an SMS. What they do is copy that number and paste it into the new device. In addition, they delete the SMS to avoid suspicion.
  3. When they do these steps, they take over our Whatsapp account for a few moments, enough time to be able to download all our messages and read them.
  4. Finally, they activate Whatsapp again on our mobile, and that way we don’t even know.

Technique for stealing WhatsApp conversations over the WiFi network


Some time ago you could get WhatsApp conversations and read them on your computer. The problem with this method is that they were encrypted, although it was only necessary to use a program to take complete care of decrypting them. Now things have changed: the encryption system is so high that the applications are no longer working.

The latest research has made great strides in this area and, although it has been concluded that the encryption system of the app is not bulletproof, the truth is that there is still no method that can help us decipher them, although it is a matter of hope. It may not take long for a bug to appear that makes the process as easy as possible.

WhatsApp Spying Technique at Apple

In the devices that have Android operating system we have a very interesting technique that can be a vulnerability in our privacy. What they do is attack a backup directly.

Through the Apple iTunes tool we can make this backup where WhatsApp data will also appear. In this way, they open the copy, look for the folder in question and analyse it in detail. They open the “SQLite” file which, in principle, can be opened with almost any viewer without any problem.

It is important to consider that if there is no message in question (if it has been deleted), it will not appear in the database. It should also be evaluated that WhatsApp continuously changes the place where the DB file is stored; in this way, we will analyze the version in question in order to know where to search.

If you are looking for an SMS that has been deleted you should not despair, there is also a way to recover them. We can use “Recover Messages” and try our luck with this feature. It doesn’t guarantee 100% success, but the truth is, as long as it hasn’t been a long time since it was erased, we can get almost all of them.

Technique to spy WhatsApp through the BD in Android

Can we spy WhatsApp on Android using the same method as above? Yes, in principle we can get the database directly from the memory card. At first we needed to have only the BD (which had the exact name msgstore.db.crypt. Now things have changed and we will need to have the latest version of crypt7 and/or crypt8; to be able to interact with this tool you will need the terminal to be rotated.

WhatsApp Spying Technique Installing a Trojan on the Victim’s Phone

This is a very dangerous method and we should be careful not to let it happen to us.

They can install a trojan on our phone. A Trojan is nothing more than a file that runs on the device and opens the door for us, so that we have access to the conversations in question. It is much easier to install a Trojan in Android than in IOS, but in both cases it can be done.

Many hackers randomly launch Trojans to get hold of users’ private data and conversations; worst of all is that they can then sell this information very well along the Deep Web.

We are not going to tell you how these Trojans work because, in addition to being illegal, each one has a different function.


Techniques for spying on WhatsApp by stealing an account remotely?

As with the previous method, it worked a few years ago. The idea was to take advantage of some of the vulnerabilities that had not yet been corrected.

You have to remember that behind the development team of this app we find a group of very capable professionals who identify these bugs and fix them from time to time. At the moment there is no method that allows us to steal an account remotely.

How can we protect our terminal from these methods?

The most logical way is to use common sense: if you have in front of you a file that seems unreliable (a photo that doesn’t open, a video that doesn’t do anything, a file with an unknown extension), don’t accept it or delete it immediately.

Never leave the phone to anyone, not even to that friend or family member you trust and you never know when you can get anything installed, even if it’s just for the sheer morbidity of gossiping about your conversations.

Now you know the main ways to know how to spy WhatsApp and also how to protect against them.

How do you keep them from spying on Whatsapp? How do they do that?

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