Starbucks creates a digital community using the NFTs

During the presentation of last quarter’s financial results, the company Starbucks showcased the development of a global digital community model centered around coffee. Some of the possibilities that this platform would offer are related to obtaining collectible digital objects developed on the NFT technology of intangible digital assets.


NFTs (non fungible tokens) are intangible digital assets

It would be about developing different collections of digital objects that allow users of this Starbucks community to enjoy experiences and obtain benefits.

It would be thematic collections that arise from artistic expressions related to the Starbucks community, both those that have already emerged so far and others of new creation. In this sense, the collaboration of creative and innovative talents from around the world would be sought.

Starbucks has traditionally been a company agile in taking on innovative technologies such as Wi-Fi networks available to its users and the implementation of electronic payment. This would not be the first time that Starbucks has used NFT technology, but it would be the first time that it would be used to generate its own digital community through these new virtual objects.

For the users of this global digital community there will be a specific virtual wallet, capable of containing these virtual objects and storing the rewards obtained for loyalty as consumers.

Another concern for Starbucks has to do with sustainability, and in this regard it has been announced that, although it is not yet known what type of Blockchain technology will be used, it will in any case be one that uses sustainable and environmentally friendly resources.

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