Starlink brings satellite Internet to vehicles on the move

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With a constellation of artificial satellites now totaling more than 2,300 units in orbit, Starlink’s global coverage provides broadband Internet access in more and more areas of the planet. It already covers almost all of Europe (except Russia), the Middle East, New Zealand and most of Australia, much of North and Central America and some Latin American countries.

Starlink’s new antennas enable constant satellite Internet access across much of the globe from moving vehicles

Until now, the way to access this service that allows connecting to the Internet from remote areas lacking any telecommunications infrastructure has been as simple as a small antenna (they used to be parabolic dishes, now they are flat), but recently the step was taken to incorporate the possibility of accessing vehicles such as boats or caravans, although the latter are stationary.

As of December, Starlink goes a step further with a new type of antennas and a new type of service. These are completely flat antennas that will be attached to the roofs of vehicles that will be able to access the Internet connection while on the move..

This advance is already priced higher than the “fixed” version of Starlink’s antennas, which cost $599, and in the case of needing the connection while the vehicle is in motion the price increases to $2,500.

At least the price of access does remain the same ($135 per month), but the complexity of the technology required to capture and send the signal on the move, compressed into relatively thin flat antennas, means that the price is only affordable to the very wealthy or to companies with special needs for constant broadband connection while their vehicles are on the move.

These new antennas are resistant to inclement weather, especially rain, and are designed to be permanently installed in vehicles, which seems more geared to buses, trains, cruise ships and aircraft than private vehicles. Perhaps it will be the latter’s turn in the future.

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