Student size is related to intelligence

People’s eyes can reveal a lot about their personality. They say that the eyes are a reflection of the soul and from the beginning the first thing we see when someone shows up are the eyes. Through a recent study, they found that the eyes can reveal our level of intelligence according to the size of the pupils.

Dilation of the pupil

There are many occasions when our pupils dilate to adapt to the light or different emotions. Some intelligence agencies, such as the FBI or the CIA, use dilated pupils when questioning a person to find out whether they are lying or not.

They discover that pupil size and IQ are related

The study was conducted by scientists and researchers at the Georgia Institute for Technology and published in the journal Science Direct. The bottom line is that people whose pupils dilate the most are smarter. In other words, the way our pupils dilate is directly proportional to our intelligence. The greater the dilation, the higher the IQ.

To arrive at this conclusion, the researchers tested 500 people between the ages of 18 and 35. As a first measure, the pupil size was examined in the dark. The normal variation is between 2 and 8 millimeters of stretch.

They discover that the larger the pupils, the greater the intelligence

The dilation of the pupil is the size of the diameter of the eye opening in the iris, that is, the black part in the center of the eye. After the light-dark test, tests were performed to measure fluid intelligence, working memory, and attention control.

the intelligence and the students

Fluid Intelligence is the ability to have logical arguments to solve the problems presented. Working memory is the way to know how to keep some data for a long time. Attention control is designed to measure the tested people’s ability to concentrate.

The result obtained was very meaningful due to the difference between those with the largest and those with the smallest pupil size. Those with a larger diameter of dilatation are surprisingly smarter than those with a smaller diameter.

There is a scientific rationale

According to scientists, there is an explanation. The locus ceruleus is located in our brain, in the brain stem. It controls the dilatation of our pupils. In addition, the same sky blue place is the one that coordinates communication between the brain and the rest of the body. It is the manager of our ability to learn, attention, focus, and memory. When our sky-blue locus is active, our pupils enlarge to a larger diameter.

When our sky blue locus is less active or not functioning properly, our brain activity suffers. In other words, we are less intelligent. With this study, it can be diagnosed by eye dilation. Applicable in brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, early.

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