Submerged cities in different parts of the world

There are many submerged cities in the world that have been under water for various reasons. When we talk about this subject, the first thing that stays in our memory is the mythical Atlantis, but it was real or a legend because it was never found.

Submerged cities
Port Royal in Jamaica – Photo by Trends Today
Submerged cities that tell their stories underwater

However, there are a large number of cities, both from the distant past and more recent, that remain submerged. Many of them are paradise for diving enthusiasts, others remain intact for their conservation and study. After all, they all represent a major tourist attraction.


Alexandria is a city that, for unsafe reasons, lies under the sea. Some experts say that an earthquake followed by a tsunami submerged it forever. However, others believe that it was the weight of the city that sank it into the sea. The city where Cleopatra’s palace is located was submerged 3,000 years ago.

Submerged cities
Alexandria – Image of Idealista

Dwarka is a city in India in the Gulf of Cambay. The event occurred about 10,000 years ago. It was buried in water after a terrible tsunami covered it forever. Incredible, it was about 25 miles from the coast.

Royal port

Port Royal is a city in Jamaica that was destroyed by an earthquake in 1692 and was 70% submerged. It was the seat of the English colonial government in Jamaica and the most important fishing center in the 17th century.


Baia is another submerged city in the Mediterranean in Naples, Italy. It was important to the elite of emperors and aristocrats in the best days of the empire. There they spent their holidays in luxurious villas. Vesuvius, the same volcano that buried Pompeii and Herculaneum, plunged them into the sea forever. Today it is a protected area and an underwater archaeological park.

Cities that were recently submerged

Lyon City or Shicheng is a Chinese city that was submerged in the waters of Lake Qingdao in 1957. The event was due to the construction of a hydropower plant that supplies Shanghai and Hangzhou. The plant is currently ceasing to generate power and the city is a tourist attraction. The water temperature allowed the city to remain in an amazing state of conservation.

Sant Roma de Sau is a town in Spain in the Vilanova de Sau municipality in Osona, where you can also see the bell tower protruding from the water. The reason for the immersion was to build a reservoir in the 1960s.

The city of Villa Epecuén was located in the Argentine province of Buenos Aires. Until the 1970s, the Epecuén lagoon was famous for its healing powers in its hot springs. The World Health Organization recommended them.

Submerged cities in America
Villa Epecuén-Argentina – Picture taken in Lagunas Magazine

Therefore it was an attractive center for the aristocracy who gathered there for their medicinal water. Due to poor urban planning, the city was inundated by a flood from the lagoon in 1985. It is noticeable that after 30 years under water, a drought dropped the water and the city was exposed. Today Villa Epecuén is just a tourist tour that allows you to see the ruins.

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