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The past year 2020 was particularly complicated in many ways. In addition to the health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, other important factors such as the economy or the labor market are badly affected.

Although the start of 2021 follows the same trend, the vaccination campaigns that have already started in most countries (including Spain) and the adjustment of many companies to the current situation offer a more hopeful horizon for thousands of people who are currently looking for Work are.

If you want to send your resume to a job vacancy in 2021, either because you are unemployed or because you want to change companies, in this article we will give you all the keys to help you achieve your goal. Do not miss!

The best companies to get a job in 2021

The first thing you should be aware of is that in times of the pandemic, not all companies or professions will need employees and that many of them are more likely not to hire new employees.

It is a reality that while sectors such as health, nutrition or transport are booming and constantly needing new workers, others such as hospitality or tourism are very unemployed and have no job offers.

Hence, it is important that you know which companies are hiring to know who is best for you to submit your resume.

The semi-annual barometer on employment in Spain recently carried out by the consultancy Advice Strategic states that these will be the companies that will contribute the most to job creation in 2021:

-Save more
-To the field
-Santander Bank
-The English court
-La Caixa Foundation

So once you have selected the companies or sectors that create the most jobs in Spain, you can optimize your job search and avoid wasting time presenting your application to companies that do not need workers.

Recommendation: OnlineCV Creator OnlineCV has articles dedicated to the majority of the large companies represented in Spain and has all kinds of tips and steps to help you submit an application to these companies.

Customize your resume and cover letter for each position

Another fundamental aspect to consider before submitting your application is that both your resume and cover letter are personalized.

You need to know that if you send the same résumé for each position you apply for, you run the risk of your application appearing impersonal. If the recipient of your résumé thinks that it is a general document or that you have no real interest, they will reject your application.

To avoid this, ideally write a good cover letter stating the reasons for your application, the reasons for joining the company and the specific skills or role that you have and which it can benefit the company if it turns you on.
Also, the advantage of sending your cover letter with a résumé is that not all applicants will. So you will receive points for the person responsible for evaluating your application.
Likewise, it is advisable that you make some changes to your resume depending on the position or company you are submitting your application to.
To do this, the easiest way to do this is to adapt the paragraph on your resume explaining your professional goal, or give more emphasis to some experience or others depending on your needs or the requirements of the position being offered.

How to Submit Your Resume to a Company

While handing over the curriculum was one of the best options 10 years ago, it is currently something almost no company will accept, especially in times of coronavirus.

Hence, the two most common ways to submit an application are by email or online. We explain them below.

Send the resume by email

Undoubtedly, one of the most common options is submitting an application for a job advertised by a company via email.

Because of this, many companies have dedicated emails that candidates can use to send their resumes and cover letters.

This method of submitting an application by email allows the job seeker to include a small presentation text (professional profile) that will grab the recruiter’s attention and make them read their resume quickly.

The recommended structure for submitting an application by email is as follows:

1. Include a subject in the email so that the recruiter knows what you want.
2. Add a brief presentation of the application.
3. Highlight skills and show interest in the company.
4. Make it clear that you are ready for an interview as a candidate.
5. Finish with a formal goodbye.
6. Include your CV and, if possible, your cover letter.

Submit the resume online

Some companies do not have a specific e-mail account for receiving applications, but rather via their own job portals or via portals from third-party providers (Infojobs, LinkedIn, Indeed) in which they publish their job offers.

If you need to send your resume this way, all you have to do is follow the steps shown as they vary by company or platform.

Sending your résumé on LinkedIn, for example, is quite easy, as many companies only ask you to share your profile on the platform and include your résumé and, optionally, your cover letter.

However, other vacancies on these types of portals and platforms may not only require an updated resume but may also require applicants to answer some questions about their career, studies, skills, etc.

Track your application

Well, when you’ve finally submitted your resume to a company, there is more to do than wait to hear from the company: follow your application.

One of the tips to keep in mind when you’ve sent multiple applications is to have an online notebook or document where you can add important data, such as: E.g. the date you submitted your application, the resume you sent when you received a response, etc.

This will allow you to contact the company or the person you sent your application to again if you haven’t received a response.

However, if you’ve already had an interview, it is ideal that you send a thank you letter or email stating that they were a pleasure to speak to and that you have the opportunity to make some initial contact have very much appreciate.

Use this thank you letter to subtly reiterate why you want to work for the company, and try to include contact information in case they need to comment on something else. This way, your interest in the position becomes clear.

Now that you know all the keys to submitting your application and looking for a job in times of coronavirus, it is time to get started and do your best. Good luck!

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