Successful women whose biography is told in the cinema

In the not-too-distant past, being a woman meant standing behind men in a predominantly male universe. There have been many successful women who excelled in multiple activities. For their excellence, they deserved to be more famous, and their life was taken to the cinema. It is nothing more than a confirmation of your memory. Let’s remember that just because they weren’t men, their life wasn’t easy at all.

Some successful women whose story can be seen in the cinema

There are many cases of successful women in different fields. These are just a few examples of women who have excelled in one way or another and whose story can be retraced in a movie:

Guy Blaché

As in the case of Alice Guy Blaché, the first female film director who was also a screenwriter for her films. She was the most prolific filmmaker with over 1,000 films, although not all of them gave her the credit she deserved. Only 140 appear to have been filmed by her. His filmography, which ran between 1896 and 1922, was the inspiration for Alfred Hitchock to make his films.

Frida Khalo

Many other prominent women have left their mark on the story played by prominent actresses in the film. As with Frida Khalo, her character was played by Salma Hayek in the lead role. Frida, as she is best known, was a very well known Mexican painter. A terrible accident in her youth kept her down for long and painful periods. This made her the symbol of the suffering woman and the icon of Mexican culture.

Successful women – Photo EDH – Lion Gate Films
Edith Piaf

Edith Piaf is an outstanding French singer and writer who also did not have an easy life. As the daughter of alcoholic parents, she suffered from childhood. As a teenager, he made a living from singing on the streets of Paris, and the lack of food made his body look unsightly. This earned him the nickname of the Parisian Sparrow. Marion Cotilliard portrayed her life on film. She deserved to be the first French woman to win an Oscar.

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc was a French military woman of the Middle Ages. It was an icon of freedom before English rule. Captured by the enemy, she was sentenced to die at the stake. In the cinema, the film played Jeanne d’Arc Renée Jeanne Falconetti.

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart was one of the pioneers in aviation in America and the most famous of them. She has set several records in her life, including being the woman who flew the highest, the first to cross the Atlantic alone, and the one who reached the highest speed.

famous women Amelia – Photo EDH-Fox Searchlight Images

In 1937 he got lost in his Electra plane somewhere in the Pacific and tried to travel the world. The remains of the aircraft, the crew, or Amelia and her companion were never found. The film that portrayed her life starred Hillary Swank.

Although there are many women who have excelled in the arts and sciences, many of them still do not take a toll from the cinema. It is the price to be paid to get noticed in a world where men have always been dominant.

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