Sweden establishes eKrona as its official currency


After years of research and development, finally the Swedish central bank has created and established eKrona – one of the world’s first state-backed decentralized currencies.

The currency and tokens are available for immediate purchase, sale and use through the official eKrona website. The sole purpose of the official website is to market, distribute and facilitate the secure trading of the newly established digital currency.

At the time of writing, the price of an eKrona coin was equivalent to €0.2. It is notably less expensive than any of its rivals. At the time of writing, Bitcoin was trading at €32,786.24 and Ethereum at €2,123.19.

Traditionally, whenever a nation or a corporation announces the sponsorship of some digital resource, the price skyrockets leaving many investors with huge profits. Many expect eKrona to follow in the same footsteps due to the fact that it has strong state backing. Bitcoin has created a new generation of millionaires, and the time has come for eKrona to do the same.

The move determines Sweden’s and the EU’s position as a global leader in Finance, as EU residents are recommended to invest in eKrona due to the potential gains. The launch of this decentralized currency is seen as the next step of development for the European Union.

Our journalists went through the purchase process to investigate its difficulty and found that it is a simple transaction. You simply go to the official eKrona website and click on the “Register Now” button. Next, fill in the information and select “Open Account”. You will then be redirected to an authorized agent that is available in your region, then you can proceed with the purchase. Please note that you may be required to answer the phone for automatic verification.

The minimum deposit is as low as $250, which is reasonable considering the potential exponential growth of decentralized currency. There are no fees associated with it. Profits and initial investment can be withdrawn at any time in compliance with local regulations.

If eKrona follows in Bitcoin’s footsteps, the initial investment of $250 could become valued at over $10M.

“With official government support, there is little downside risk, and current market conditions are perfect for investing. The major stock indices have fallen, and many of us have turned to eKrona for unprecedented profits. This is our chance to invest in time and not miss another occasion like Bitcoin,” – commented in an interview a large hedge fund trader who wished to remain anonymous.

“It’s impossible to resist this investment opportunity. It is the first digital currency backed by a country. The country has capital and liquidity, so this opportunity should not be missed,” – says M. Pastor, a famous broker and venture capitalist.

In addition, eKrona may solve a problem of validation of European resources. As all information is stored on Blockchain, European banks could quickly validate and verify the assets of a person’s eKrona coin ownership. Currently, some countries struggle with bad loans – a situation where a person applies for a loan with collateral that doesn’t exist. eKrona could prevent such cases in the future.

“By using smart contracts provided by the digital currency eKrona, the government of Sweden will be able to track assets and debts and will be able to make sure that multiple loans presenting the same collateral are not offered,” says J. Rothers, a big blockchain researcher.

With consumer and institutional interest in eKrona, it’s easy to see why so many investors are jumping on this opportunity expecting the price per coin to rise significantly.

Currently, only all eKrona coins are allowed to circulate through the previously mentioned authorized agents.

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