Tardigrades resist spatial influences

Who could survive traveling on a meteorite? Nobody nothing? Error. There are some microscopic invertebrates that can withstand extreme conditions. Tardigrades resist spatial influences. How did you do that?

Tardigrades resist spatial influences.  They are titans of survival.
Tardigrades resist spatial influences. They are titans of survival.

They are known to be extremely durable in the toughest conditions. Researchers at the University of Kent studied the level of their resistance. They wanted to understand the survival potential of high-speed travel in space environments.

They used a powder-powered gas pistol followed by pressurized hydrogen. Investigators shot groups of tardigrades. Not only did this demonstrate the ability of tardigrades to survive extreme shock. Even at high speeds similar to those traveled by celestial bodies such as meteorites. Prior to the study, the tardigrades were frozen. This had enabled them to survive such extreme cold and drought.

Tardigrades in orbit?  Never say Never.
Tardigrades in orbit? Never say Never.

The study concluded that they could withstand impact speeds of up to 0.9 km. per second. Higher speed shots were fatal. The tardigrades were physically destroyed with increasing speed. They have survival limits at high speed and high impact – they are not indestructible.

There is matter from other planets and satellites on earth and the moon. It is believed that it comes from the impact force created by massive collisions. This is known as “ejection”. Could these organisms fly through space like this? Since tardigrades resist spatial influences, this is not impossible.

Alejandra Traspas is the article’s first author. In a statement, he said, “This research shows that tardigrade survival has limits. It is important in understanding the transmission of organisms through the solar system. The typical ejection speed of impact does not allow for survival. However, if only a fraction of this organism had a slower impact velocity, survival would be possible.

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