Tea slows down aging

Human beings have always sought new sources of eternal youth. Along the way, science has discovered the factors that facilitate this goal. One more joins this list. Tea slows aging, according to a recent study.

Lifestyle changes can slow aging and prevent related diseases. But regular consumption of tea could provide extra help. Drinking three cups of tea regularly could slow aging. Who says it? A study published in the British medical journal The Lancet. It was carried out by researchers from the Chinese University of Sichuan. They discovered that certain chemical compounds in tea, called polyphenols, contribute to this effect.

Tea slows aging, according to a Chinese university.
Tea slows aging, according to a Chinese university.

biological processes

The scientists examined data from about 8,000 Chinese people aged 30 to 79. Also from about 6,000 British volunteers between 37 and 73 years old. They collected data on the volunteers' food consumption patterns. They were asked to record the amount of tea they consumed.

The study team also measured participants' blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and body fat percentage. They used this data to assess the apparent age of the respondents. Researchers found that individuals who drink tea regularly have a slower biological aging process. The phenomenon was attributed to polyphenols. It is a special tea compound derived from plants. Polyphenols are known for their ability to combat aging. What they do is reduce inflammation and have detoxifying effects.

However, the researchers noted that their study was observational. He couldn't confirm whether tea consumption was directly linked to slower aging. But they observed that participants who stopped drinking tea seemed to age faster.

Maybe you should start consuming more tea.
Maybe you should start consuming more tea.

More tea?

The study did not investigate whether certain varieties of tea were more effective than others. There are no significant differences between Chinese and UK tea drinkers. The temperature of the tea also had no effect. The researchers did not ask about the size of the teacups used. But everything pointed to a general conclusion: tea slows down aging. Think about it the next time they ask you if you want another cup of tea.

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