Temperature south of the Moon

A few days ago, India’s lunar mission was a success. The lunar landing placed them in space history on our satellite. Now, their instruments have already started collecting data. Among other data, they are analyzing the temperature south of the Moon.

The Indian lunar rover Pragyan reached the south pole of the Moon last August 23. It accomplished the feat aboard the Vikram lunar landing capsule. He recently delivered the first data on the surface temperature of the Earth’s natural satellite. This was reported by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

Temperature south of the Moon begins to be analyzed by the Indian mission.
Temperature south of the Moon begins to be analyzed by Indian mission.

Lunar temperature

“ChaSTE is a Chandra surface thermophysical experiment apparatus. It measures the temperature profile of the lunar topsoil around the pole. It thus hopes to understand the thermal behavior of the Moon’s surface.” This was explained by the research space on its account on the social network X, formerly called Twitter.

“The presented graph illustrates variations of the lunar surface temperature or near the surface. It does so at various depths, recorded during the probe’s penetration. It is the first such profile for the Moon’s south pole,” he added. According to the graph published by ISRO, the lunar surface temperature can reach 60 degrees Celsius.

News of the information collected is expected.
Further developments are expected from the information collected.

New data

The Indian probe signifies a major step in the space race for India. Among other things, it made the Asian country the first to achieve this feat and the fourth to reach the Moon. The only other countries besides India to achieve this were the Soviet Union, the United States and China.

On the same day, ISRO reported that the Pragyan lunar rover lifted off to the surface of the Earth’s natural satellite. It is expected to continue to deliver data relevant to future missions on the satellite.

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