The 10 best Netflix movies for Easter

This year, the pandemic will continue to prevent processions from taking to the streets, and mobility restrictions and social distancing will change the usual customs of these holidays, but there is always the option to use the days off to watch the premieres on streaming platforms to enjoy like Netflix or to bring back some of the best movies of 2021 on Netflix:

These are some of the recommendations moviegoers should enjoy on Netflix this Easter

But in addition to the premieres, today we’re going to be recommending some all-time movies for you to enjoy this Easter. So if you stay at home, you will not be bored at all. This is our selection:

– “Insidious: The Last Key” (Adam Robitel, 2018). A psychiatrist returns to the house where she spent her childhood and is confronted with the supernatural terror that awaits her there. Although it is the fourth part of the successful saga “Insidious”, the protagonists of the previous ones do not appear here.

– «Banyuki» (Takeiko Watanabe, 2010). After ten years in prison, a man regains his freedom and tries to take revenge. It is presented in film format, although it is a recording of a theatrical performance.

-“Halloween” (David Gordon Green, 2018). A direct sequel to the original 1978 film, serial killer Mike Myers returns with more murderous lust that threatens the life of the only survivor of the first episode of the saga, again played by Jamie Lee Curtis.

– «Akelarre» (Pablo Agüero, 2020). With five Goya awards, this drama is set in the Basque Country from 1609, when a group of women are accused of witchcraft and questioned by an inquisitor.

– –“The night writer (What the night hides)” (Michael Cristofer, 2020). A young man with autism works the night shift in a hotel and has a habit of spying on hotel customers. If there is a murder, you become a suspect.

– “Johnny English back in action” (David Kerr, 2018). Rowan Atkinson, interpreter who played the famous Mr. Bean, returns in this comedy to put himself in the shoes of the clumsy and hilarious British secret agent who cannot handle any technological device with the slightest degree of ease and has to give up his retirement in order to to catch a dangerous hacker who revealed the identity of the British secret service agents.

– “The house on the wall” (Eli Roth, 2018). Family comedy with elements of supernatural mystery. Jack Black stars in the adventure of an orphan, his uncle (who turns out to be a magician), and a peculiar neighbor to find a unique clock hidden within the walls of the family house before an inexorable period of time that causes disaster becomes .

– «15:17 – train to Paris» (Clint Eastwood, 2018). Almost documentary reconstruction (it is carried out by the protagonists of the real events) of the terrorist attack that took place on a train towards the French capital.

– «He who kills iron» (Paco Plaza, 2020). It opens on March 30th. It leads the viewer into the environment of the drug trade in Galicia and into the conflict of a worker in a nursing home (Luís Tósar) who has to take care of the most dangerous drug trafficker in the region.

-Trilogy “Karate Kid”. After the success of the series “Cobra Kai”, which decades later regained the protagonists of the first film in the saga, the three episodes with Ralph Macchio appear on Netflix.

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