The 10 best Social Media apps [2024]

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There are many applications that allow you to manage different accounts on social networks and get the most out of them, but not all of them are efficient or could be recommended for use in the daily life of a Community manager, the professional in charge of managing corporate profiles on Social Media.

In this article you will find the best tools that you can use if you want to professionally manage the social media accounts of your SME or company. In many cases, they will also help you with your professional profiles if you wish. They are the following:

The best Social Media tools

If you need help managing your social profiles, here we present the most useful tools you will find on the market today:


A combination of planner, manager and online content editor, it is designed for work teams. It is a productivity tool that allows you to manage workflows, pending tasks and their evolution and those responsible. It has a free plan for individual users or teams that are starting their activity. If a larger structure is required, it is advisable to move to a payment plan.

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It allows you to identify and understand relevant audiences through eight parameters that can be combined with each other: Demographics, Relationships, Behavior, Conversations, Location, Interests and X profile.

With this you can segment the audience to which the publications and actions are directed. It allows you to create automated rules, identify potential brand ambassadors, monitor thousands of tweets and export data and report templates. It has a free version with limited functions and two paid versions, with monthly prices of 49 euros and 1,499 euros.


Its functions include strategy design, software development, creation, curation, dissemination and promotion of content, statistics… The free version allows you to try it for 15 days.

From there you have to opt for one of the monthly subscription types, with prices of 9.99 euros (with capacity for one blog and four social networks per blog) or 49.99 euros per month (with capacity for ten blogs and up to thirty social networks per blog). There is also an intermediate plan of 24.99 euros per month.


It allows you to collect millions of relevant posts, comments and conversations, classify them and use artificial intelligence to identify and answer key questions, share the results with the organization and generate live alerts and reports.

It has a publishing history since 2010 and access to the full official archive of X, Tumblr and Reddit. Help manage organic and paid content with a single calendar from which to organize your feed. It does this by generating automated rules to save time and custom dashboards to analyze performance.


It is an all-in-one platform that allows you to manage all your social networks from a single screen. Supports up to 35 social networks in a single workspace.

Its subscription plans start at 99 euros per month for 10 social profiles and one user. They can reach 699 euros per month if it is necessary to have 5 users and multi-platform management of 35 social accounts. It also has a limited free version.


With this application you can plan, schedule and sell more on social networks, all unified on a single platform. Your options include, for example, the ability to check the best time to post, check the best hashtags, and automate posts to Facebook, Instagram, X, Pinterest, TikTok, and LinkedIn.


It is used to manage and monitor from a single panel the content that is published on different social networks and platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitch, Tik Tok, YouTube, Pinterest, blogs…). It allows you to create, edit and schedule them.

It has a free version and different payment plans between 10 and 99 euros per month depending on the number of accounts to be managed and programmable monthly publications.


Its functions include the ability to manage and automate social networks. Also analyzing its main indicators, centralizes all conversations in the different channels. Analyze and track X and Instagram hashtags in real time, generating customizable reports of their behavior. It is also capable of planning campaigns, publishing content and managing the creation of contests on social networks.


It is a Salesforce tool that allows you to add data from different sources in the form of posts, tweets, videos, forums, images… It analyzes them to optimize social media management. It allows you to plan, execute and monitor marketing campaigns on social networks, managing publication strategies. It allows you to follow marketing, sales and service activity live. The free version offers a 30-day trial and subsequently costs 25 euros per month.

Sprout Social

It is a social media management tool that allows you to monitor, analyze and collaborate with the team. It offers a wide library of multimedia content and allows you to connect online product catalogs with profiles on social networks. It has three different subscription plans with the following prices: 249 euros per month, 399 euros per month and 499 euros per month per user.


The ultimate organizer of team tasks and group work projects using a planner using boards, task lists and workflows. Allows you to invite other users or assign tasks to them. It can work even without an Internet connection and allows you to attach files from Dropbox or Google Drive.

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