The 10 most “humming” songs on Google

Google launched a feature called “Hum to Search” last October that allows you to find a track without typing its track, artist, or the album it belongs to in the search engine. Just hum or whistle for 10 to 15 seconds to find it easily via Google Assistant.

The most humming song on Google’s “Hum to Search” was Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” with Billy Ray Cyrus

Billboard and Google took advantage of this feature and the year is almost over. They released the 100 songs that were hummed or whistled the most by users in 2020. These are the first 10 in the ranking:

– Old Town Street – Lil Nas X with Billy Ray Cyrus: is a country rap pop genre song performed by Lil Nas X and with the participation of Billy Ray Cyrus, an actor and singer-songwriter of country music. This song was released in 2019 on the Columbia Records label.

– Never give up on yourself – Rick Astley: It is a song of the dance pop genre that was released in 1987 and when it was originally released it was a worldwide hit. It peaked at number one on the Billboard charts in 1988 and that year it was one of the most buzzed by Google users.

-Tanzaffe – tones and me: Released in 2019, this hit is the third most popular song of 2020 and also the most wanted song of all time on the Shazam app. It has also crept into the list of the most heard songs on Spotify this year in both the world and Spain.

-I hope – Gabby Barrett: The American-born country singer took fourth place in Google’s Most Humming Songs with this hit released in 2020.

Belief – Imagine dragons– From the pop-rock genre, this song was written and recorded by the rock group Imagine Dragons. He tells the surreal story of a hopeful boxer. One of the participants in the video is Dolph Dragons, the actor who played “Dragon”, the Russian boxer, in Dragon IV.

-Sing life away – Kelly machine gun: This song was originally performed by Rise Against in 2004. However, the version of “Machine Gun Kelly” was the one that took seventh most total on the Billboard chart.

– Before you go – Lewis Capaldi– This alternative indie genre song, played by Lewis Capaldi, was released on the 2019 album “Divinct Uninspired to a Hellish Extent”.

-Capitalize the Pain – Big $ Tunt: This song is performed by Big $ tunt from the hip-hop rap genre. It was released in 2020 on the album that bears the same name as the song.

-Brang – AJR– This is the ninth most popular song on Google in 2020 performed by artist AJR and featured on the album Bang on Remix.

-Sing about me, I’m dying of thirst – Kendrick Lamar: This song is 12 minutes long, but its rhythm is infectious enough not to hum it. It is performed by West Coast hip hop artist Kendrick Lamar.

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