The 11 best Netflix documentaries in 2022


Although the best movies and series (and even new video games) arouse most of the comments, news and expectations among users of streaming platforms, also documentaries form an attractive catalog that, in the case of Netflix, is a more than recommendable offer, especially in some titles such as those highlighted below.

Documentaries complete the programming of the streaming platforms, beyond movies and series

In recent times, moreover, very successful products have emerged in this format, from those that instead of a single feature-length documentary film focus on the format of a documentary series with several chapters to those that reconstruct notorious events, within which a special place is occupied by the chapter of the so-called true crimein which a very relevant criminal event is investigated.

There are documentary series dedicated to follow each season of the Formula 1 “circus” or miniseries about Michael Jordan and his basketball team, the Chicago Bulls of the 90s. History, culture, religion, art, war, nature..

Some of the most recommended documentaries hosted by the Netflix streaming platform, a reference in a sector that lives its particular clashes and competition in the so-called Streaming Wars, are the following:

-“National Parks: Former President Barack Obama himself guides the viewer through some of the most spectacular and majestic National Parks around the globe, a celebration of life, landscape and the world’s most extraordinary creatures.

-“Formula 1: Drive to survive”: Now in its fourth season, every race on the racing calendar can be followed from the inside, through a variety of viewpoints that offer a new perspective on the rivalries and pressure in this fast-paced sport.

-“The Last Dance”: Ten episodes in a miniseries that, co-produced with ESPN, tells the epic story of one of the NBA’s greatest basketball players, Michael Jordan, as he spent the 1990s with the Chicago Bulls.

-“Jimmy Saville: A British horror story”: For decades he was one of the most celebrated and beloved presenters on British television, but behind his charm and his work helping children and the sick lay a massive history of abuse that for decades no one wanted to acknowledge.

-“The Tinder scammer: Taking advantage of a profile on the social network from which he seduced and scammed dozens and even hundreds of thousands of pounds from dozens of women, there came a time when some of his victims decided to track him down and unmask him.

-“A los gatos ni tocarlos (A killer on the Internet)”: Cats are probably the creatures that appear the most on the Net, everyone loves cats. That’s why when a user published a video in which he killed two kittens, a spontaneous movement arose in which hundreds of Internet users from all over the planet managed to coordinate to locate him. Meanwhile, the author of the video, emboldened by the attention received, decided to go one step further and commit homicide. Although it sounds like a screenwriter’s delirium, unfortunately it is a completely true story.

-“Making a murderer: He spent 18 years imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. The corruption and manipulation of a perverse system managed to build the image of the perfect culprit, despite his innocence, and it took almost two decades to dismantle the accumulation of falsehoods that led him to prison.

-“What the octopus taught me”: Octopuses are one of the most amazing creatures that populate the planet, both for their characteristics and abilities and for the prodigiousness of their intelligence, but is it possible to establish an emotional, friendly, sentimental relationship almost with one of them? This documentary tells the story of a filmmaker who dives into the sea every day to live with one of these cephalopods.

-“Tiger King: Having a tiger as a pet doesn’t seem like a very reasonable decision, especially when it grows from a cub to an adult, but there are more than a few who adopt the habit, and this two-season documentary series shows the unspeakable behavior of some outlandish owners of these overgrown kittens.

-“Wild wild country: The Indian guru achieved a legion of millions of followers, becoming an influential leader endowed with enormous power, spawning a vast commune with shady aspects including sexual abuse and enormous enrichment.

-“Five came back: During World War II, five prominent filmmakers (John Ford, William Wyler, John Huston, Frank Capra and George Stevens) took their cameras to the scenes where the Allies were fighting against the tyranny of the Axis powers, bringing the intensity of the conflict to the rest of the world. Something that would change their lives and also those of the spectators who witnessed an unprecedented vision of the conflict.

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