The 12 Best Browser Extensions for SEO

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Browser extensions improve workflow and allow professionals to get information or perform certain activities, such as: B. to know the keywords of a page or their authorization directly from the browser without having to use an application.

These browser extensions allow you to analyze web pages, extract link profiles and keywords without having to access third party applications through the browser

An extension bar in the browser offers users great advantages, e.g. B. the ability to quickly and easily access or review certain elements of a website. Extensions are also easy to find, install, and save time. In this article, we want to show you some of the best browser extensions for SEO.

-Keyword surfer: This browser extension is a free alternative to Keyowrds Everywhere. In this case, every time a search is done on Google, the extension will display a dashboard with information about the keywords’ performance, their traffic, and a number of ideas for other keywords.

Keyword Surfer Extension

-Moz Bar: The Moz bar provides important information about your competitor’s pages – and your own pages too. At a glance, it is possible to determine the number of backlinks on a page and their authorization for both the domain and the page. The Moz Bar also provides information about the results on the Google page.

Moz Bar extension for SEO

-Check my links: By simply clicking the expand icon, Check my links provides a full backlink profile of the website, ideal for detecting 404 errors and improving your own link profile.

Check out my link extension for SEO

-Ahrefs SEO Toolbar: As one of the most complete extensions, it shows all domain data, redirects, header codes, 404 errors, analyzes SEO On Page, offers a backlink profile and marks the nofollow and enables all information to be exported.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar Extension for Chrome

-Seoquake: By clicking the expand icon, Seoquake will analyze the entire webpage and display all of the information on the page – straight from SEMrush – an on-page SEO diagnostic that shows page faults and offers tips for improvement. It also allows you to compare domains and provides interesting data like the age of the domains and their position in other search engines like Bing.

Seoquake SEO extension

-Woorank: It does a full audit of the page and its search engine optimization, and offers a number of tips for improvement, indicating the problems encountered in the analysis. It is very useful to spot small SEO mistakes.

Woorank SEO extension

-Web developer: An essential extension for developers. It focuses on SEO On Page and shows information about the ALT attributes of the images, with those that don’t have them marked in red. Also, you can turn off all JavaScript and CSS elements on a page to see how they were created.

Web Developer Chrome Extension for SEO

-Web Developer Checklist: It analyzes the basic points of a website and shows a basic summary in the form of a list that allows you to see at a glance if everything is ready or if features to activate and fix are missing.

Extension of the web developer checklist for browsers

-AMP Validator: Nowadays it is very important that the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) version of a page is configured correctly. With this extension, the user knows if the AMP version of the page is working properly.

AMP Validator for Chrome

-SERPTrends: A very simple extension that allows the user to see the movement of the pages in the Google results for each query.

SERPTrends extension for analyzing Google results

-Tag Assistant: With this extension, the user can determine whether he has implemented the tracking codes for Google Analytics, AdWords and Tag Manager.

Tag assistant extension for configuring Google tags

-Structured Data Testing Tool: This extension analyzes a website and provides information about its structured data.

SEO extension for analyzing the structured data of the website

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