The 12 best free Photoshop alternatives

Image editor

Image editing no longer necessarily requires the installation of paid software on computers. There are several alternatives on the Internet that for many users can be a very reasonable option compared to the benchmarks of the genre such as Photoshop.

Some of these tools are focused on photo editing while others allow the creation of specific formats for printing or use on the Internet

These are both applications available for different operating systems, even for mobile devices, and web pages where sometimes it is enough to register to be able to use their tools and create or edit photographs and images. Sometimes less advanced users will not need more complex resources, but most have paid options for those looking to expand their arsenal of functions.

-Adobe Express: Free application usable from the Internet browser, so it is compatible with any device and operating system. More than for photo editing (although it also offers tools for this) it is very effective for creating images for printing or for use in social networks or Internet publications.

-Canva: One of the great references not so much in image editing but in its use for graphic design. With thousands of free preset templates and designs, it allows through a simple method of use to generate calendars, posters or printable invitations as well as images, animated GIFs and even videos to publish online. A large number of free resources are offered in the form of images, animations and short videos, but there are also paid options that free the use of some tools and many of these contents to include in your own work.

-GIMP: Free and open source, it is a very reasonable alternative to Phososhop with no need to pay or install software, working as a complete and advanced online image editor with options such as layers and filters.

-Glimpse: Developed from GIMP, it adapts the interface to make it as similar as possible to Photoshop, the great reference, so that users feel in a familiar environment. It replicates the great majority of the tools, but in this case being free.

-Krita: Developed as free software, its specialty is not strictly the retouching of photographs (although it allows editing them) but that of illustrations, so it is of great help to painters, illustrators and painting artists. Many of its tools focus on working with brushes and palettes.

-Paint.NET: Its name comes from its origin as an alternative to the legendary Microsoft Paint and, in fact, it is only available for the Windows operating system. Very simple to use it can also be very basic but it will be more than enough for users who do not require very complex or advanced tools. Despite its simplicity it includes options such as layers, although it does not offer the possibility of applying effects.

-Photo Pos Pro: Similar to Canva, besides editing images it is also a powerful tool to generate collages, posters or business cards. One of its tools allows photo retouching by correcting imperfections, as well as applying customized artistic effects. Be careful when typing its name not to confuse it with Photoshop Pro.

-Photodiva: Its specialty is portraits, especially selfies, being able to add virtual makeup. It also has options, such as filters using artificial intelligence, but they are only available in the paid version.

-Photopea: It is not necessary to install any application but images can be modified online through the website, which also ensures compatibility with any operating system, both desktop and mobile devices, no matter how minor. It allows you to apply masks and layers, as well as to adjust different parameters of the images. It is a free tool and in exchange it only incorporates advertising.

-Photoshop Express: It is the free Photoshop application for mobile devices. It offers a limited amount of tools but enough for the most basic retouching of photographs such as color, exposure, saturation… There are also effects such as red-eye removal and tools that allow you to crop and rotate images. It is even capable of working with images in RAW format.

-Pixlr: It offers two possibilities, one focused on graphic design (Pixlr X) and the other on photo editing (Pixlr E). Both are very complete and easy to use, extending effects and templates in the respective paid versions.

-RAW Therapee: As its name suggests, its specialty is RAW image editing, with a very wide range of RAW development options. This is at the same time a great virtue, but could also be considered an obstacle for some users who would be faced with a complex learning curve.

-Snapseed: Created by Google, Snapseed is an application for mobile devices that offers many of the tools available in computer programs to enhance photographs. Its use is so simple that it can be done even holding the smartphone with one hand by sliding options with the thumb.

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