The 18 best horror films for Halloween


Enjoy a good one this year thanks to the wide range of different entertainment platforms Horror movie on Halloween it will be easier than ever. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or HBO offer a large number of horror films and series to enjoy this event from home.

This year, entertainment platforms are offering us a variety of horror titles to enjoy Halloween at home.

Halloween 2020 is going to be a little strange as the COVID19 pandemic containment measures prevent citizens from going out in disguise. Fortunately, the various streaming platforms offer a good dose of terror so anyone can enjoy this date from home.

The best horror films from Amazon Prime Video

– “Creepy”: A surprising horror film in which Ethan Hawke is a journalist investigating a house where an entire family was murdered. There you can find some strange videos showing some more mysterious murders.

– “Alien the eighth passenger”: Ridley Scott’s masterpiece and one of the best science fiction horror films. The Nostromo ship with seven crew members will experience a real horror when something strange and wild comes on board the ship.

– «Welcome to Blumhouse»: It is a collection of four films from the horror film production company Blumhouse. The films are “The Deception”, “Dark Boxes”, “Nighttime” and “Evil Eye”, each of them touching on a common theme in horror.

-“Halloween”: The film that started one of the most famous horror film franchises and shows us the beginnings of one of the icons of horror cinema, Michale Myers.

– «Poltergeist»: Another of the great masterpieces of terror. Poltergeist tells the story of a family who moves into a house where paranormal phenomena occur. As the story progresses, the phenomena become more and more aggressive and focus on little Caroline.

– “A peaceful place”: Directed by and with John Krasinski, we find ourselves in an uncertain future where a blind alien species has invaded Earth but with extremely good hearing. Humans are their prey and therefore they must always be kept in absolute silence.

The best Netflix horror films

– «Train to Busan»: A Korean zombie film with a slightly different premise than usual. On this occasion, zombies and survivors are trapped on the same turn.

– “Veronica”: One of the best horror films of recent times, directed by Paco Plaza, based on the famous “Vallecas File”. It tells the story of Verónica, a teenager who, after experimenting with the Ouija board, experiences increasingly strange and dangerous phenomena.

– “Blinds”: A work of terror with a clear inspiration in Lovecraft’s entities and phenomena. The world has been occupied by beings who are apparently invisible, but when people see them go crazy and commit suicide. A woman and two children have to flee blind to find refuge.

– “Quiet”: A deaf writer isolates herself in her cabin in the woods in search of peace and quiet to write her new novel. An assassin arrives in the booth and will chase them, making the viewer an accessory to the hunt.

– “Insidious”: For those looking for a marathon of terror, Netflix has the first three parts of the “Insidious” saga, in which an ordinary family has to face that of the “other side” and a dangerous demon trying to get into creeping into our reality.

– “Corpse”: A former policewoman trauma of seeing her partner die starts working the night shift in a morgue. That same night, the body of a dead teenager arrives during an exorcism. However, the demon that possesses the young woman has not been driven away, which will result in the corpse being brought back to life.

Horror Movies on HBO

– –“Hereditary”: Ari Aster’s masterpiece, a film that mixes psychological terror with the paranormal to portray the paranormal events that haunt a family after their grandmother dies and the dire consequences of the legacy he leaves behind.

– “The nun”: Spionff from the “Warren File” saga, which tells the origin of the disturbing figure of a nun who appears in the visions of Ellaine Warren during the events of “The Einfield Affair”. The story takes us to a monastery in Romania where terrible things are happening.

– “Extraterrestrial”: For lovers of the alien saga, HBO has all of the titles in the franchise, which would be “Alien”, “Aliens”, “Alien 3” and “Alien Resurrection”, which can be used to track the terrifying stories of Xenomorphs and Lieutenant Ripley.

– “Paranormal activity”: For those users who want to go on a horror movie marathon, it is again possible on HBO to enjoy all of the films in the saga “Paranormal Activity”, in which the viewer observes the paranormal phenomena that hit a house through their surveillance cameras.

-“Infection”: Choral film that tells the spread of a deadly virus through the eyes of its protagonists, which will soon become a real pandemic. A terrible film, mainly because of the similarity between the events it tells and the coronavirus pandemic.

– “30 days of darkness”: Another vampire movie in which some survivors are trapped in a city in Alaska where the sun won’t rise for more than 30 days.

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