The 30 best keyboard shortcuts in Windows

The mouse (or touchpad) is the most common means of operating the computer, although the touchscreen is adequate. In spite of everything, there are still ways to activate some functions more conveniently, conveniently or faster: Keyboard shortcuts.

With keyboard shortcuts you can sometimes activate functions more quickly and easily than with the mouse

These are keyboard shortcuts that activate various actions. On more than one occasion, it’s faster to use it than using the mouse to find the action in the drop-down menu. There are some that are specifically dedicated to some applications, such as: For example, Twitter’s special keyboard shortcuts, and some that are used so every day that virtually everyone has them at hand, as they used to be Copy and paste text or filesbut there are others worth refreshing or discovered because they are very useful.

There are three general groups of keyboard shortcuts, depending on which key is pressed first: the control key (CTRL), the shift key, or the key with the Windows icon.

-CRTL + C: Copy the selected text with the mouse.

-CTRL + X: Cuts the selected text with the mouse.

-CRTL + V: Pastes the selected text with the mouse after activating one of the two keyboard shortcuts above.

-CRTL + A: Select all of the text on a page.

-CTRL + F: Open a field to search for words on the page.

The capitalization activation key can also be used to activate some of the functions just described:

-MAYÚSCULAS + INSERT: Copy the previously selected text.

-CAP + START: Move the cursor to the top of the page and select all of the text.

-CAP + END: Move the cursor to the bottom of the page and select all of the text.

– SHIFT + DIRECTION ARROWS: Scroll through the text and select it to avoid using the mouse.

-SHIFT + RePag / DownPag: Move the cursor to the top / bottom of the screen and select all of the visible text.

There are up to fifty keyboard shortcuts that use the Windows key, so as a first approximation it is useful to focus on the most common and commonly used:

-WINDOW: Activate the start menu.

-WINDOW + A: Open the Activity Center.

– WINDOW + C: Enable listening mode on the Cortana Smart Assistant, although you must first enable the assistant yourself in the Settings menu.

-WINDOW + E: Open the file explorer.

-WINDOW + H: Start the dictation.

– WINDOW + M: Minimize all open windows.

-WINDOW + MAIÚSCULAS + M: Open the minimized windows again.

– WINDOW + P: Enable presentation mode in slide shows.

– WINDOW + S: Open search.

-WINDOW + MAYÚSCULAS + S: Take a screenshot of part of the screen.

-WINDOW + PrtScr: Take a screenshot and send it to the Pictures folder

-WINDOW + G: Enable screen recording via DVR application.

– WINDOW + T: Allows you to scroll through the open applications in the system tray.

-WINDOW + «.» / WINDOWS + «,»: Pressing the Windows key plus the period or comma key opens the Emoji control panel.

– WINDOW + Up Arrow: Maximize the current window.

– WINDOW + Down Arrow: Minimize the current window.

– WINDOW + right arrow: Maximize the window to the right of the desktop.

– WINDOW + Left Arrow: Maximize the window to the left of the desktop.

Finally, the ALT key (alternative) in combination with the Windows key offers some interesting options for quickly activating functions:

-WINDOWS + ALT + G: The screen recording of the active window begins.

– WINDOW + ALT + R: Switches to the secondary display when a second monitor is connected.

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