The 37 new emojis coming in 2022

New emojis

The ability to add non-verbal context to messages, emails and posts on social networks and messaging apps will expand next year with the addition of 37 new emojis. This is a new series of additions made by the Unicode Consortium, a non-profit organization responsible for regulating the standardization of character encoding.

New emojis will gradually arrive on mobiles and computers throughout 2022

In addition to these new 37 emojisthe Unicode Consortium has also approved in version 14.0 of the Unicode Standard another 838 new characterssince the consortium also regulates the incorporation of special characters belonging to the different alphabets and languages existing in the world, as well as counting as characters the representations of different graphic symbols, such as arrows or technical signs. All of them will be coming to electronic devices, both computers and tablets and smartphones, over the next year.

This has been announced by the consortium through a tweet in which they have shown these new emojis, some of which will have different variants to reach a total of 112 new different emojis. This is due to the possibility of choosing, in some of them, between six different skin tones (in the case of the ten emojis that represent a hand) and other six variants with different skin tones and hair colors for the three new emojis that represent people.

Emojis have been incorporated into written communication, beyond the more informal environments such as family or friends, and there are even recommendations for using emojis in work environments, so as to avoid transferring messages that may give rise to confusion in the workplace due to inappropriate selection of the emoji included.

With this new addition the total list approved by this consortium would reach 3,633 different emojis. Now are companies like Apple, Google, Facebook … those who must take the guidelines established by the Unicode Consortium to adapt the new emojis to their respective versions of the same in a process that will take a few months, so at the end of this year and the middle of next year and would begin to be able to see (and use) these new emojis.

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