The 5 best online services to watch movies and series free of charge

Free streaming services for movies and series

The Internet today offers a wide variety of streaming services for TV shows, series and movies. In most cases, the user subscribes to four or five different services (if so you can even use a manager like Plex to manage all your subscriptions at once) but with the rising prices of recent months, being subscribed to several can become a considerable expense at the end of the month.

Enjoy your favorite series and movies on Netflix, Amazon and other streaming platforms.

Fortunately, it is possible to find a wide variety of free streaming providers. on the Internet. In this list you will find the 5 best streaming services where you can enjoy a wide catalog without paying a penny. They are also services compatible with almost all mobile devices and smart TVs, and ultimately you can watch from your computer.

-Amazon Freevee

Amazon Freevee and free streaming services.

Formerly known as IMDb TVAmazon Freevee combines live TV channels, on-demand movies and series, and some original content productions. The platform is based on a free model with advertising. You will be able to watch recent series, such as Mad Men or Lost, and classics such as Bewitched. At the same time, the catalog of licensed content is changing from month to month to incorporate new content. The app is available on various Apple devices, and also on Chromecast, smart TVs, Nvidia Shield and TiVo players.

-Pluto TV

How Pluto TV streaming services work.

Owned by Paramount, Pluto TV has more than 250 channels owned by the major studio. It is a live and on-demand TV service that allows enjoying from CBS and Comedy Central to MTV, Nickelodeon or NBC News, Bloomberg or Fox Sports. The user can request episodes of series or movies, channels in Spanish and Portuguese, reality shows, telenovelas and much more.

You can set your favorite channels to appear, build your grid and get reminders of your favorite shows. The Pluto TV service is free, and includes occasional advertising to keep the platform fully operational.


Vix, free streaming services

The Vix platform is focused on Spanish-speaking audiences.. Behind the streaming service we find Univision, formerly PrendeTV. It has a subscription version with some premium series and exclusive sports content, but as a free platform it has more than 50 channels with content in Spanish. It includes movies and content from Disney, Lionsgate and MGM, generating a catalog with more than 150 movies from renowned studios. It is also compatible with Android, Apple, Roku TV and smart TV devices.


How Crackle's streaming services work.

Crackle was a streaming service from Sony, offering free content through commercials. Today it is owned by Chicken Soup for the Soul and has an extensive catalog of free content. TV classics such as The Dick Van Dyke Show, more recent programs such as Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch.Das Boot, River and Priest, among others. Original content is not as popular as that of other streaming services, but it is growing. The Vault and Les Norton, for example, have a good following.

-Tubi TV

Tuvi TV and its offers on free streaming services

Finally, users can try out for free Tubi TV and its more than 40,000 titles. Including a vast selection of productions from studios such as Lionsgate, MGM, Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. The television networks A&E and Starz, or the Lifetime network can also be tuned in from this ad-supported streaming platform.

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