The 5 best software for tourism

The world of the Internet is a revolution for many areas of the economy. Among them, tourism, an activity that has been badly hit by the current coronavirus pandemic, is one of the activities that depends the most on users’ searches online. For this reason, high quality software that has grown in high demand is an essential requirement in order to provide high quality service to customers.

They are known as Tourism software to the programs and services specializing in the tourism sector. These programs were designed to facilitate the reservation of services, to optimize data collection and to comply with the applicable data protection regulations.

There are a variety of tourism software options. That’s why we’ve selected some of the best. We started!


The enterprise office automation offers numerous software for the tourism industry. Among its offers you will find Ofiviaje for retail travel agencies, OfiBooking, agency search engines, OfiTour for tour operators, OfiMayor for wholesalers or OfiBus, a special software for buses and coaches.

This great variety of software makes one of the most sought-after services in the industry. Its advantages include the ease of use, the philosophy of unique data (once the data has been entered, it is recorded and does not have to be entered again) or the possibility of adapting to the local service or the cloud, depending on the customer’s wishes.


software GIAV It has become known for its high level of data modernity. This software resides in the cloud and allows access from various devices, creating files for each service (flight reservations, collections, outstanding invoices, etc.) or the built-in CRM that can be used to notify you of charges or delays from a customer .

In addition, one of the advantages of GIAV is its interface Last generation. In practice, this interface allows access to a design that adapts to all devices (cell phones, computers, tablets) in a very visual way.


SIGMMA is a very popular travel agency software in Latin America. However, it is also present in Europe and has even grown in recent years.

This software has two main advantages. On the one hand, it’s very Easy to usewhich is why some customers choose to hire them. On the other hand, it enables the receipt of Real-time data, something that marketing and tourism strategy experts highlight.

4. CRM Travel

The software CRM travel It specializes in improving the way customers are treated in the industry. The great advantage of this service over others therefore depends on its dynamic and connected character, because all departments of a company remain connected to each other. Thanks to this software, you can completely satisfy the customer in real time.

5. Quonext Tourism

Like CRM travel, Quonex relies on a direct connection to all areas of the company (but each with its own software). However, this software is distinguished by the fact that it offers other solutions for tourism agencies, since it offers its services to agencies, amusement parks, airlines … So it is a software that can be customized and adapted to each, depending on the profile of the contractor Company.

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