The 8 steps to becoming a successful Instagram influencer

More and more people are striving to become influencers, be it on YouTube and Twitter, but especially on Instagram, but not all are successful.

The truth is, it’s not as difficult to succeed as an influencer on Instagram as many think. It is a fully achievable goal as long as you are clear about how to achieve it. Fortunately, here is the information you need to get there. From tips and strategies to recommendations from websites like IncrementoSocial to help you grow on Instagram.

You basically have 3 options, the first and fastest is to buy Instagram followers. The amount depends on your goal and budget. The second way is by earning them organically and building your brand with hard work, perseverance, and patience. And the third option is a combination of the previous two. You can buy Instagram followers and dedicate yourself to the growth and maintenance of the already satisfied followers, patiently and hard work for it, thus creating a solid and loyal audience for your content.

Whichever path you choose, there are 8 essential steps you need to follow to become an Instagram influencer. If you can apply them, you are on your way to success.

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Find a niche where you can make money.

First, let’s clarify the concepts: a niche in Instagram is a sector of particular interest within this social network, i.e. a specific topic or topic, for example: healthy living, fashion and makeup, animals, photographs, among others.

It is very important that your publications focus on one topic, one niche. This way, your followers will know what to expect from your account and it will be a lot easier for new viewers to find and follow you.

Another reason you should find your niche is because you spend a lot of time talking and content creation about the topic. It is necessary for you to enjoy and master it so that you can generate high quality material.

When choosing your niche, monetization potential is crucial.

Generating consistent, high quality content can become a full-time job. So it is good to choose a niche where you can profit economically, that is, how you can use your publications. How? through sponsorship, business promotion and various types of collaboration.

For example, let’s say you have a passion for makeup and you have great makeup photos and videos on your Instagram account. If you have enough followers, you can build relationships with makeup companies who will pay you to promote their products on your account just to name them, label them, or just to use their products.

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Boost your account!

Not only can you create great and consistent content and study your followers to see how you can interest them, but you can also take advantage of the social augmentation service. This page is where you can buy followers for your Instagram, depending on your needs, they have several options and you are sure to find the most suitable for you. They also offer followers for other platforms like Facebook, Tiktok or Twitter that you can use to promote your Instagram account.

Use other platforms

Ok, you love Instagram and your goal is to become a successful influencer on this social network, perfect. Remember, however, that other platforms will help you build your brand, promote your content, collaborate with other influencers and companies, and this in turn will help you reach more viewers.

Another reason why you should work with other platforms is the support of your work. You don’t want to lose all of your effort if something changes (for example, the US ban on TikTok).

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Create a business account

One of the easiest and still one of the most important steps.

How you do that? easy, you go to instagram, you go to “settings – account – switch to professional account – business” you follow a few steps and voila soon you will have an official business account.

One of the advantages of having a business account is that it gives you excellent benefits such as: B. To be able to see the demographics of your followers, to see which of your publications is most successful and at what times most of your followers are active Create content.

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Keep your brand

Maintaining your brand means that everything you do should reflect your brand’s values, be it the design, the words you use in your posts, the products or services you offer, how you interact with your followers and all these details. Everything has to be consistent!

Avoid using a logo with your profile photo and try to pick a good photo of yourself that will add a more personal touch to it. Instagram users love to follow an approachable person.

You’ve already seen your photo, now they’re reading your bio. This is your introduction, not just for your followers but also for potential employees or customers. Hence, this is where you will need to enter all of your contact information and information about your brand.

The next step: your contributions. Whether it’s photos or videos, it’s important that you try to maintain an aesthetic, color palette, and consistency between posting and posting. The goal is that as soon as your followers see your post on their feed, they’ll instantly link it to your account, even if they haven’t seen the username.

Make sure to use the appropriate hashtags or tags in your niche, but don’t overdo it! Some studies show that your posts are more successful with around 7 hashtags. Also, don’t forget to enable location so that nearby users can discover your account.

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Never underestimate the lyrics

Use the description of your publications as a tool to get in touch with your followers. Don’t waste 4 or 5 word sentences. According to recent studies, and surprising as it may seem, people prefer to read long messages of around 450 characters.

The descriptions are part of your publication. They need to be coherent, attractive, use friendly and interesting expressions to attract readers. You can then include a call for interaction, e.g. B. “Leave a comment if you liked this publication” or “Recommend a product that you like.” that gets your attention ”and things that invite your followers to participate.

Make freebies

It doesn’t have to be a millionaire gift, a modest promotional gift can get a lot of attention. This could be a gift or coupon from a store that fits your brand, for example: If your niche is fitness life, a $ 100 raffle from a sports supplement store is very attractive.

In this giveaway, use hashtags or tags like #giveaway #giveaway so people can find you, and you can even create your own hashtags to help people identify your posts.

Explain that this gift card will be taken by anyone who follows your account, shares your publication, or recommends your account to their friends. This is one way to increase engagement for your posts.

Interact with your audience

True, as you increase your number of followers it becomes harder to respond to all of them. However, you should do your best to like the comments, respond carefully to messages and questions, and ask questions like: What is this? Would you like to learn more about this account? How can I offer you better content? Remember, your followers are the people who will help you achieve your dream of becoming an Instagram influencer. Therefore, you should treat them warmly.


Becoming an Instagram influencer is not a matter of luck, it takes time and commitment, and while you can buy Instagram followers, you also need to be in tune with content production and interaction with your audience. This way, not only will you gain followers in an organic way, it will keep them interested too.

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