The 9 most famous hackers in history

Famous hackers from history

Hackers are people who have high levels of computer literacy and use them to challenge systems and illegally enter computers, servers, mobile devices, or any other internet-connected parts … although this is not always the case as it is ” white or ethical hackers who use their knowledge to do good.

We review the history of cyber crime and remember the exploits of the world’s most popular hackers

However, the word “hacker” is often used as a synonym for “hackers” or “cyber criminals,” and some are into that because of the scale of their technology challenges and the way they have turned digital security heads in the middle History entered. World. Last week, Twitter named a well-known hacker as security chief. Today we’re reviewing 10 of the world’s most famous hackers and we’ll know why they’re so popular:

-Kevin PoulsenThis is an American born in 1965. In 1983, when he was only 18 years old, he attacked ARPANET, the Pentagon’s military computer network in the United States. In view of this, he was arrested, but the authorities did not bring him to justice, he was only released on warning. However, he did not obey and in 1988 he continued an attack on the federal computer to find information on Ferdinand Marcos, the former President of the Philippines.

After this situation, Poulsen decides to hide under the pseudonym “Dark Dante” and continues to attack government computers in order to divulge state secrets. In 1990 he hacked into a competition on a radio station called “Los Angeles Radio KIIS-FM” which, when he answered the call, claimed he was number 102. That way, he tried to win a brand new Porsche vehicle, a vacation, and $ 20,000 in cash. Against this background, he was arrested and prevented from being near a computer for three years. Poulsen is currently the editor of the “Wired” magazine, which is devoted to the technological world.

-Kevin Mitnick– He was born on August 6, 1962 and is considered one of the most influential hackers in America. He called himself “Condor” on the Internet, but described himself as the “spirit of cables”. He has been repeatedly accused of cybercrime, the first in 1981 when he was only 19 years old, for stealing computer manuals from Pacific Bell, an AT&T telephone company.

A year later, in 1982, he launched an attack on the United States Airmail Defense Command, which inspired the 1983 film “War Games”. Mitnick went to jail for this and attacked voicemail systems while on probation. by Pacific Bell. However, the stolen information was never disclosed by this hacker, although it was rumored that he had taken full control of the telephone company.

-Matthew Bevan and Richard Pryce: This pair of young British hackers was blamed for attacks on military networks such as Griffiss Air Force Base, Defense Information System Agency and KARI (Korean Atomic Research) in 1996. Institute, Korean Aerospace Research Institute). These hackers are known by the pseudonym “Kuji” for Bevan and “Datatream Cowboy” for Pryce. If his crimes were not neutralized, they could have caused World War III.

-Jeanson Jame Ancheta: was born in 1985 and is an expert in the development of robotic systems for the infection and control of computer systems. In 2005, he created a large botnet that hooked more than 400,000 computers on the ropes and displayed advertisements for the companies that hired him. For this he spent 57 months in prison.

-Adrian Lamo: He was born in February 1981, is American and is known for accessing computer networks with complex security. In 2001, when he was only 20 years old, he attacked the servers of the Reuters news portal and modified an article with unprotected content on Yahoo!

The company, which specializes in the attack on journalistic media, was added to the New York Times intranet in 2002. He also worked to improve the security of many companies and to report potential loopholes to them. Because of his way of acting and because he had no permanent place of residence, but only a backpack on his back, he was called a “vagabond hacker”.

-Michael Calce: was born in 1986 in Quebec, Canada. His online pseudonym is “MafiaBoy” and he was known for connecting computer networks to various universities in the country with Yahoo! It also attacked Dell, the eBay online store, CNN news network, and even Amazon, overloading corporate servers and leaving their websites inaccessible to many users. He came to write his own biography.

-Jonathan James: was born in 1983 in the USA. At the age of 15, he hacked into the communications and information system of the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency, whose goal is to reduce the threats posed by nuclear, biological and conventional weapons to the world. He also illegally entered the servers of NASA, the US space agency, and stole state-of-the-art software for the time.

He was the first young man to be jailed for computer crime, and when he was released from prison after six months in prison in 2000, he was forbidden from getting near a computer. However, he did not stick to it. Under the pseudonym “cOmrade” he accessed the computers of the US Department of Defense and had access to 3,000 messages from government employees. In 2007, he attacked TJX, a storage company he was stealing customer data from. After his arrest in 2008, Johnathan James shoots himself and leaves a suicide note: “I don’t trust the justice system. This is out of control and this is my only way out.

-Anonymous: This group of hackers started their work in 2003. Although there is no clear organizational structure, their attacks focus on “social justice”. For example, direct threats against Facebook to end it, accuse TikTok of Chinese espionage or even declare war on the Islamic State. In 2008 he carried out an attack on the Church of Scientology that he could not display in Google searches. Since there is no hierarchical scheme, it is difficult to grasp the people behind it. Its members are many around the world and its main characteristic is the use of a mask with the face of “Guy Fawkes”, a character in English history who fought in battles in 1605.

-Albert Gonzalez: He was born in Cuba in 1981 to parents with a migration background to the USA and was known as “Soupnazi”. He was arrested in New York at the age of 22 for fraud and theft of data from millions of credit cards. However, he did not go to jail on the condition that he become an informant for US intelligence to stop dozens of hackers.

Still, he kept stealing: 180 million payment card accounts from companies like OfficeMax, Dave and Buster’s, and Boston Market. In 2005, he stole data from the storage company TJX in the US by creating various gateways to corporate networks to enter their databases. In total, it was made for $ 256 million. In 2010 he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the crimes committed.

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