The accounts that make the most money in Onlyfans

Onlyfans is a platform on which users can Make money selling your content. This can be of all kinds: educational, musical … as long as it manages to grab the attention of other users and they choose to pay for it. There are some tricks and tips for making money at OnlyFans, but let’s face it: most of the content marketed on this platform is erotic … or at least it reveals attributes and scenes that many other users believe in are willing to pay.

OnlyFans has created over 100 million accounts recently

So much so that OnlyFans recently topped 100 million active accounts. From them, «Only» one and a half million are intended for the creation of content active, while the other 98.5 million remaining users mostly consume content … and pay for it, be it through subscription, providing tips, and so on.

As a result, there are users who Earn a lot of money at OnlyFans and earn a living with it. According to the OnlySearcher search engine, which is dedicated to analyzing accounts on the platform, these are the 10 profiles that have made the most money in OnlyFans since the start of their last offer:

All of them base their content offering on erotic or publications intended for the elderly public. It is striking that the one who makes the most money is not the one who “likes” you the most, according to the classification that OnlySearcher also shared, and which we will see below.

This is so because of every user it’s who decides the price that it is betting for its exclusive content to subscribe to its channel … so the strategy within OnlyFans must also be considered. Excessively high prices can result in fewer people subscribing to or paying for content. It must also be taken into account that the platform itself retains 20% of the total income of each user.

Top 10 accounts with the most “likes” at OnlyFans

As I said, another piece of information OnlySearcher provides is the top 10 most “liked” accounts received during the year, adding the “likes” of their photos, videos and posts.

Top of the list, Omgcosplay is a young amateur who shows content in underwear and cosplay costumes. This has enabled him to get around 2.5 million “Likes” on OnlyFans on his account. Lilianaheartsss, who takes second place, is the other account on the platform that has exceeded 2 million “likes”. Nobody has reached this milestone yet.

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