The addiction to new technologies is compared to the relationship with drugs

When on October 4, 2021, the “blackout” of various social networks occurred, panic gripped many. The anxiety aroused by the lack of social networks is due to addiction to new technologies. It is comparable to the withdrawal syndrome in drug addiction.

addiction to new technologies

Addiction to new technologies is a problem of the 21st century

According to Spanish psychologist Marc Masip in an interview for the BBC, this is not an exaggeration. The problem is serious and he compares smartphones to the heroin of the 21st century.

The professional works as a therapist for addiction to new technologies. Rehabilitating these people is more complex than treating drug addiction. In the case of drugs, the addict knows and assumes that they do wrong.

However, in the case of technology, there is no awareness of how much depending on it can affect. Although the proof is there for all to see. October 4 provoked in many a despair comparable to withdrawal.

Most resorted to other social networks to urgently replace the falls. If you take into account that it was only six hours, you can understand what the Spanish psychologist wants to mean.

The dependence on the mobile phone generates various consequences

However, in favor of cell phones, they can be used with caution, but drugs cannot. The comparison with heroin is not accidental. When it appeared, nobody knew what the consequences of using it were. When people began to die from using it, it became known how bad it was.

Right now, we are in the first stage, where no one knows if cell phone addiction is harmful. However, thousands of people die every year around the world from driving while using a cell phone.

Another consequence of cell phone and social media use is bullying. Something that is still very new and that is not really known is the damage it can cause in the long term. The truth is that there are now clinics that are responsible for detoxifying technology addicts cell phone addicts

Consequences suffered by cell phone addicts

According to the psychologist, this addiction can cause mental and also physical problems. In addition, the attention to the mobile phone causes accidents in pedestrians. Other disorders that can become serious are eating disorders, lack of attention in studies, among others.

A syndrome that causes many young people to be unable to empathize with other members of society. There is a sudden change in their mood when a social network stops working.

For all these reasons, technology detoxification clinics provide their services. The goal is the good use of social networks and no dependence on mobile phones or screens. It is also about creating awareness that mobile dependence is bad. No one doubts that drug addiction is harmful to health. The same should be done with technology addiction. Seek help before it is too late.

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