The amber chamber was considered the eighth wonder of the world

There are many secrets in the world about treasure hidden or missing, much of it due to looting during invasions or wars. This is the case with the so-called eighth wonder of the world, the amber chamber. Amber has always been a very valuable substance. It’s the petrified resin they used in Jurassic Park. In the film, they extract dinosaur DNA from the belly of mosquitoes trapped in amber. In the 13th century Prussia protected it with a law. They went to him to make items for kings, especially in Prussia and Russia.

Amber Chamber

The amber chamber was the eighth wonder of the world

The amber chamber is a room that is completely covered with amber. It was designed in 1701 by the baroque sculptor Andreas Schülter on behalf of Frederick I of Prussia. They installed it in the palace that the monarch had in Berlin. It consisted of 55 square meters, on which six tons of precious amber, gold and semi-precious stones were used. Today experts estimate this room at nearly $ 180 million.

In order to secure the unification of Russia and Prussia, the chamber was given to Tsar Peter I the Great in 1716. Because of this, the entire camera is moving from Berlin to Pushkin, a city near Saint Petersburg. Initially it was supposed to be armed in the royal winter palace, but at the request of Tsarina Isabel it was moved to the Catherine palace in the Villa de los Czars in 1755. They kept it intact during the revolution when the monarchy fell in 1917. During World War II, however, it did not survive the looting by the Nazis who invaded Russia during the so-called Operation Barbarossa.

Original amber chamber
This is what the room looked like in 1917 – Photo by BBC News – GETTY IMAGES
A different fate than the Russians had expected

Although the Russians tried to prevent the Nazis from finding the wonderful camera, they already had information and were able to find it. The first step in the looting was to move them to the Nazi-dominated Koeningberg Palace (now Kaliningrad) in Prussia. The camera stayed there until 1943. Although Koeninsberg was known as the place where the Nazis kept looted items for later transfer to Germany.

In 1944, the Köninsberg Castle at the Allied outpost on the Nazi front was completely destroyed during the bombing. At the end of the war, the Red Army marched into the city and no traces of the amber chamber were found.

Over the years hopes of finding the camera were lost and in 1979 it was decided to make a replica of it. It took 27 years for the original to look like the original in the same Catherine Palace it was stolen from.

New hopes arise in 2020

One hope remains, however, as they discovered a Nazi cruiser sunk during the war in 2020. This is Karlsruhe, sunk 500 meters deep in Ustka off the coast of Norway. A team of experts suspects that the amber chamber is in their cellars.

The reason for this suspicion is that the cruiser Karlruhe set sail days before the retreat of the Nazis from Koeningsberg with a valuable cargo in the hold. It never reached port because it was torpedoed and sank until divers laying underwater cables found it. So far, military vehicles and boxes of china have been found in the camps, although there are many more boxes.

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