The Apocalypse Clock is already 11:58

The Apocalypse clock It is getting closer to its final hour and of no return, and it does not seem that human beings are as worried as we should. In fact, it has reached its closest point at dawn in 60 years, which means that our species could be close to extinction.

Remember that, if one day you arrive at 12:00 hours, it would be marking the moment in which human beings would disappear from this planet and, probably, many other species would also perish, although I don't know if all, a portion, etc.

The Atomic Scientists Bulletin Updating this clock year after year announces that we had never been as close to the end as right now. The End of the World Clock, if it reaches midnight, it will no longer be updated, as there will be no human beings on Earth to do so.

Why the Apocalypse Clock marks almost the end of humanity

But why does the Clock of Revelation give this bad news? The person in charge of making it public has been Jerry brown, which chairs the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. According to his words, the arms control treaty between Russia and the United States, which emphasize modernizing its nuclear arsenals.

Instead of definitively dismantling the nuclear arsenals of countries, the lack of political will is leading to the opposite, strengthening, modernizing and expanding them. And there is a lack of interest in reversing the climate change.

Behind the WWII, the world began a new era trying not to happen again so dramatic events. Among the many policies established, the Clock of the End of the World was one of them, born in 1947 by the atomic energy researchers of the University of Chicago.

This watch is fictitious, but it is used to demonstrate how far or near we are from the end of humanity, whether by artificial or natural facts.

But if once the problem was the possibility of an atomic war, now threats like the global warming and climate change.

In this situation and with this symbolic clock, right now we would be at 11:58, time that he had never approached since 1953, when a nuclear catastrophe between the USSR and the United States was closest during the Cold War.

So, if in 1991 it was the moment in which the time of midnight moved further away, we are now so close that we are not aware of the real danger that the planet suffers.

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