The arrival of the Strawberry Moon

It will become visible during the early hours of Sunday. Many people will be watching for the arrival of the Strawberry Moon. Before dawn, the magnificence of the full moon will be visible in its fullest splendor.

And during the early evening hours, the Moon will be in the sky next to Venus. However, they will not be in conjunction. Venus, the second closest planet to the Sun, has been remarkably visible in recent weeks.

The arrival of the Strawberry Moon will occur this Sunday.
The arrival of the Strawberry Moon will occur this Sunday.

Venus elongating

Around these dates, Venus will reach its maximum elongation. That is, its maximum distance from the Sun from our perspective. This will allow us to observe it for a longer period.

What is the exact point of the full Moon astronomically speaking? It is when the Moon is directly opposite the Sun from the perspective of the Earth. That allows the entire lunar face that we observe from here to be fully illuminated. It will happen at 5:41 a.m. in Spain, but there is more flexibility to observe it.

The full moon period extends up to 12 hours before and after this time. You will have the opportunity to admire this impressive full Moon on Saturday night as well. From the human perspective, the Moon appears as full as soon as 98% of its surface is illuminated.

The name comes from the fact that it coincides with strawberry picking in North America.
The name is because it coincides with strawberry picking in North America.

Strawberries and the moon

The “Strawberry Moon” is a popular term used to describe the full moon that occurs in June. The name has no relation to the color of the moon. It comes from Native Americans and Indian tribes in eastern North America. Why did they give it this name? It is because of the brief wild strawberry picking season in the North American region. It traditionally occurs in June.

The arrival of the Strawberry Moon does not mean that it will have a reddish or pinkish color. Sure, unless it’s seen during a lunar eclipse, when it can appear red. But the full moon is always a stunning sight in the sky. Its appearance can vary in size and hue depending on its proximity to the earth and its position in the sky.

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