The auction for the space tourism trip

Are you bored of the earth You might be interested in this offer. How about a trip into space? Yes? In this case, you can already take part in the space tourism trip auction. This is the New Shepard missile’s maiden flight on July 20th. Civilians have the next two weeks to attend. You will fight for a free seat in the spaceship. This was reported by the American company Blue Origin.

The space tourism trip auction can turn you into an astronaut.
The space tourism trip auction can turn you into an astronaut.
Anyone can go

“We are offering the winner a place on this first flight in the Blue Origin online auction. From today (Wednesday) everyone can make an opening offer. All you have to do is go to, ”the company said in a statement, owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

The company will receive offers until May 19. People can bid any amount they want on the auction website. Offers are not visible, “added the statement. A live auction will take place on June 12th. Offers higher than the maximum amount offered in the first round will be accepted, the text explains.

New Shepard is a vertical take-off and landing missile. It was developed by Blue Origin for suborbital space tourism.

First flight with people

The booster rocket is ready to launch a capsule for up to six people. It will reach an altitude of more than 96 kilometers. And it will stay in weightlessness for a few minutes before returning to Earth for a parachute landing. Do you want to win the space tourism trip auction? We assume it won’t be easy.

July 20th marks New Shepard’s first human flight. The system has already been flown in several unmanned tests, according to Blue Origin.

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