The beating stem cell heart

We expressed this longing in fiction. Prefabricated, efficient and functional human organs. But science doesn’t know the impossible. Proof of this is the beating stem cell heart in miniature. The Austrian Academy of Sciences developed it. And it’s only the size of a sesame. Guess what: you didn’t use any man-made materials.

The beating stem cell heart is another scientific achievement.
The beating stem cell heart is another scientific achievement.
Organize alone

It is the first time that it has been achieved. They spontaneously grew a miniature organ that resembles the human heart. Previous attempts on a heart were built with a mold or matrix. It was done so that the cells would gather around it.

This time it was done without the help of these molds. A pack of human stem cells was used for this. And these were self-organized to form the fabric of a heart.

After just a week of growth, the researchers noticed something. Its cell mass had formed a 3D structure that could beat rhythmically. In this way, it pushed fluid in and out of its cavity, similar to the chamber that exists in the human heart.

The complex heart

The human heart is the first organ to form in an embryo. However, scientists do not fully understand how it develops all of its properties. So this experiment tests the ability of cells to organize themselves spontaneously. This is how they reproduced the assembly of tissues. Scientists can observe the early stages of heart growth.

This would help treat heart disease. “We want models of the human heart that develop more naturally. And that they predict diseases “, approved Sasha Mendjan. He is one of the lead authors on the study.

The beating stem cell heart would help improve heart disease treatment. Drugs can be tested on these and multiple tests can be performed.

Just imagine: one day you will be able to choose a heart from a catalog. Or any other human organ.

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