The beds 200,000 years ago

Ergonomic beds with adjustable temperature and the latest technology … that is what you will find on the market today. But what were the beds like 200,000 years ago? Yes, we already had beds, although they weren’t as advanced as they are today. Traces were found in a prehistoric refuge in Border Cave, South Africa. They’re a mix of weeds and ashes to create comfortable, insect-free beds. The study was published in the journal Science.

This finding exceeds the previously known evidence by more than 100,000 years. Stone Age people organized space for everyday tasks. They built beds, rest and work areas with grasses. They knew that the ashes repelled insects.

Beds 200,000 years ago were more comfortable than you think.
Beds from 200,000 years ago were more comfortable than you might think.
Sleep comfortably

Lyn Wadley is the lead investigator of the work. It belongs to the Institute for Evolutionary Studies at the University of Witwatersrand (South Africa). “200,000 years ago we were close to the origin of our species. And people already used fire, ashes and plants. This way they kept the camps clean and free from pests. This simple strategy gives us a glimpse into the lifestyle of our ancestors. The border cave contains a well-preserved record of the temporary human occupation. It extends for almost 230,000 years.

The people of Border Cave were aware of one problem: discomfort. To do this, they collected herbs in large quantities and created resting places.

Anti-mites? Better to be anti-tick

It is possible that the grasses were infested with disease-causing ticks that are biting people. These people realized that the ashes protected them from ticks. As it turned out, they used ashes as a base to make new beds.

Border Cave is a well-studied prehistoric settlement.
Border Cave is a well-studied prehistoric settlement.

A number of microscopic and spectroscopic techniques have been used. The researchers identified short-lived micromorphological traces of the old grass bed. These results confirmed that the prehistoric residents of the border cave used herbal sheaves. So they created beds on layers of ash 200,000 years ago.

‘The plant material was not kept in the oldest deposits in the cave. But it is the silica containing substance that a large majority of plants contain, ”the research details said.

Now you can lean back on your plush bed of foam cylinders and mite repellent. But remember, our ancestors didn’t sleep too badly 200,000 years ago either.

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