The best 8K TVs of 2023

List of the best 8K TVs

The full potential of 4K resolution in TVs has yet to be fully squeezed out. However, leading smart TV manufacturers have taken the technology further. In fact, they already make available to their customers the. best 8K TVs. Even if the content in such quality is still scarce.

The Sony Bravia XR Z9J Z9J LED is by far the best 8K TV at the moment.

However, the reality is that this type of TVs have the best technology for displays and the most advanced HDMI and HDR standards. Which allow you to get an unparalleled viewing experience. Therefore, we recommend you to keep an eye on our list of the best 8K TVs today.

The best smart TVs with 8K resolution

– Samsung Q800T QLED: its powerful Quantum 8K processor not only allows you to get the most out of content in the highest resolution, but also enhances lower quality images. Some of the most outstanding features of this TV are its multi-view function, its directional sound from 4 speakers. Also, of course, its QLED panel capable of displaying ultra-realistic colors.

Best 8K TVs

– Sony Bravia XR Z9J LED: without a doubt, its main calling card is the XR cognitive processor, which mimics the human eye in order to offer a much more natural visual experience. Although it does not use QLED or OLED technology, the brightness and blacks of its powerful LED panel are on par with the latest displays.

Sony TV

– TCL R648 Mini-Led QLED: despite being considered mid-range, the quality of this TV is exceptional. It happens that the screen of this TCL integrates the revolutionary Mini-Led technology, which, complemented with QLED, allows to appreciate a contrast, brightness and really amazing colors. To all this we must add that this TV has Dolby Vision support.


Other recommended 8K TVs

– Samsung QN900C Neo QLED: offers a much wider color gamut than its predecessor, plus deeper blacks and higher peak brightness. The next-generation gaming performance of this TV is unsurpassed, among many other reasons, thanks to its 144 Hz refresh rate and HDMI 2.1 support.

Neo Samsung

– Sony Bravia XR Z9K Mini LED: is the heir to the Z9J that we previously recommended. The advance of this Sony Bravia with respect to its predecessor is in its Mini LED backlighting, notably superior to the Full Array of the Z9J. In addition, another of its strongest points is the Bravia Cam, capable of offering an extraordinarily more immersive experience than conventional 4K.

8K Displays

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