The best AI for creating videos

Best platforms to create videos with an AI

Power create videos with an Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important things you will be able to do right now thanks to the advancement of technology. The advantages offered by platforms to generate this type of content are very similar to the ones that the best AIs for generating images put at your disposal.

The applications to generate videos with Artificial Intelligence have the ability to convert any text into an animation.

Now, to create videos with an AI you won’t need to be an expert in video recording and editing. Much less acquire expensive devices to get quality results. However, it is also important to note that at the moment the available alternatives need to polish many aspects. Here you will find out which ones are the best.

Tools for creating videos with AI

– Synthesia: Synthesia’s advanced machine learning algorithms and powerful language processing make it one of the best tools for producing videos. This application is available in more than 60 languages and features templates, multimedia library, more than 70 avatars, etc.

Synthesia a system that allows you to create videos with an AI.

– Rephrase AI: one of its main features is the realism of the text-to-speech conversions it performs. Rephrase AI also has a wide variety of avatars and more than fifteen different languages to add to your videos. Moreover, thanks to this generative AI you will be able to convert blogs to videos in a matter of moments.

Rephrase AI is an intelligence made for creating videos.

– Synths Video: is another really powerful app that stands out for its ability to take the text of a blog to video in just a few steps. It also provides you with more than 40 human avatars so that you don’t need to hire actors if, for example, you are organizing an advertising campaign.

Apps to work with videos

– Lumen5: is a really easy to use Artificial Intelligence application. You simply copy the URL of the text you want to transform into video and Lumen5 will do the rest. Additionally, its editing and customization options are among its strongest points, as they allow you to change the colors, choose the aspect ratio of the video and much more.

Lumen5 is an AI that optimizes videos.

– Runway Gen-1: thanks to Runway Gen-1 you will be able to use practically any video to generate a new animation using Artificial Intelligence. This tool stands out for its editing options, which offer the possibility of applying a great variety of templates, effects and different styles. One of the main advantages of its free version is that it lets you generate videos in HD resolution at 720p.

Runway Gen-1 is an AI for generating videos.

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