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ChatGPT is one of the best chatbots out there, so it’s hard to find an option that matches it. It is gaining a lot of fame because it is easy to use in WhatsApp and does not have any annoying bugs. However, there are some interesting alternatives that are worth trying if you want to experiment with another AI.

With ChatGPT you can simplify complex concepts and generate Shakespeare-style poems, something unique in its style.

Now, ChatGPT is not the first generative artificial intelligence, nor is it the only human-sounding chatbot. Below, you’ll find out which are the best alternatives to ChatGPT to use in 2023. You can be sure they will meet your expectations.

– Bing Chat: Microsoft’s search engine has a chat mode that is supported by OpenAI. This intelligence has the ability to analyze pages to find specific information. Bing’s new feature is free, but to use it you must join a waiting list. It also has a limit of responses per conversation to prevent the user from going off-topic.

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– Tabnine: an AI that functions as a free programming assistant. It has a no-cost plan that is capable of creating short code completions, but does not offer full suggestions. Tabnine is perfect for completing statements that are part of a repetitive script because it has assisted autocompletion. Membership of this service costs 12 euros.

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– YouChat: you can use it without registering, which is convenient and practical. YouChat’s intelligence is based on OpenAI’s GPT-3 model, and although it is not as complete as ChatGPT, it is still useful for chatting and searching for accurate results in the browser, which is always helpful.

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– ChatSonic: its differential quality is that it is able to search and access recent information. ChatSonic navigates the Internet through Google, which is a great advantage when you need new data. It is also capable of generating images and recognizing voice commands. Something interesting is that it has a catalog to select personalities. This will make the AI respond as a travel guide, a comedian, a close friend, etc.

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– GitHub Copilot: made to help software developers write code, it also has the ability to work in public codebases. It will offer contextual suggestions as you write and will generate code through plain English prompts if you start the writing with a comment. It will also evaluate all the code you make and expose suggestions based on existing functions and imported libraries.

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