The best alternatives to Gmail

Best alternatives to Gmail

Since its appearance in 2009, Gmail has been climbing rapidly and unseating its main competitors such as Outlook. Gmail is one of the leading email services on the market, with more than 1.8 billion people using it every day around the world.

There are many alternatives to Gmail to create an email account and manage your emails.

However, it is not the only email service out there. In fact, many people prefer to use other services, either because they do not appreciate the design of Gmail or because it does not offer them all the functions and features they are looking for in such a service.

Luckily, there are some alternatives to Gamil on the market such as:

-Outlook: Microsoft’s email service, Outlook, is condiserado as the main alternative to Gmail. In this case, it has a free and a paid option (within the Microsoft 365 Professional suite). The free version offers email and calendar, security against spam and malware, 15 GB of storage, desktop, browser and app versions, along with 5 GB in OneDrive.

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-Yahoo Mail: Another alternative that also offers mail address and calendar. In this case, they have 1TB of storage space and the possibility of sending files up to 2GB.

yahoo new logo In addition to the basic functionalities (mail, calendar and contacts), provides the possibility of creating your own mail domain, i.e. you can create an address ending in “”. It allows you to manage several email accounts from your dashboard, has capacity for attachments up to 30 MB and 65 GB of email storage.

-ProtonMail: This is an alternative to Gmail designed for those who care about the privacy of their communications, since each message is sent fully encrypted, although the free version limits sending to only 150 emails per day. It has 500 MB of storage space in its free version (5 GB in the Plus version), which is very little compared to other similar services.

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-Mail Fence: A service similar to ProtonMail, with in-browser mail encryption and two-factor authentication and electronic signature that allows the recipient to be sure who the sender is. In addition, Mailfence blocks all advertising, spam and tracking. The free version offers 500 MB of storage for mail and another 500 MB for documents, which can also be opened and shared online. On the other hand, it only has a browser version.

-Tutanota: Offers all the basic features, such as email account, calendar and contact management, plus option for sending anonymous emails, as well as desktop clients (Windows, Linux and Mac) and app for Android and iOS. It has two-factor authentication and autoresponder functions.

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