The best alternatives to Microsoft Excel

Alternatives to Microsoft Excel

Keeping your business accounts and expenses up to date, family accounting or making graphs… these are some of the tasks that spreadsheets allow you to perform very easily.

One of the most complete spreadsheet editors is Excel, the program developed by Microsoft, with which you can even use ChatGPT’s Artificial Intelligence.

However, it is not the only text editor on the market. If you want to look for another one that incorporates additional functions or you do not want to pay the license to use Excel, in this article you will learn about several alternatives to Excel.

You can download some to your device and others you can use online, which is helpful to always have the data at hand. Take note of all these alternatives to Microsoft Excel:

Online Alternatives to Microsoft Excel

These options are available online, so you can easily access your files with any device that has an Internet connection.

Google Sheets. Google’s alternative to rival Microsoft’s Excel is Google Sheets. It has an aesthetic and functions very similar to Excel, such as embedded formulas, pivot tables, graphs… It is easy to adapt to it if you have used the Microsoft program before.

It has advantages such as storing all data in the Google Drive cloud, being able to mark some torfiles to view them offline and be able to share and edit them simultaneously with the people you give access to. To use Google Sheets you just need to have a Gmail account.

Google Sheets Spreadsheet

Zoho Sheets. It is an excellent option for group work, in fact, it is free for up to a maximum of 25 users. It allows you to save all documents in the cloud, so we can access the documents from anywhere. In addition, it allows collaboration on documents in real time. It doesn’t reach 100% of Excel’s potential, but it is a good alternative for end users and small businesses.

Zoho Spreadsheet

Excel Online. Yes, one of the alternatives to Excel is Excel itself, but this time in its free version thanks to the office suite available in the One Drive cloud. You can save all your files online and access them easily from any device. As we can imagine, it is a somewhat smaller version than the desktop version, but it is free for those who have a Microsoft account. It is useful at the user level, not so much for large companies.

Excel Online Spreadsheet

Desktop Spreadsheet Apps

These alternatives to Excel are programs that you can download to your desktop:

Apple Numbers. As an alternative to the Microsoft and Google suites, Numbers is Apple’s spreadsheet editor. It is a very easy-to-use tool that offers multiple possibilities, such as using templates, generating lists, manipulating numerical data, creating graphs, using formulas… However, it must be taken into account that this version is only available for users of the operating system of Manzana. However, if you have an iCloud account, you can access this service through that platform.

Numbers Apple Spreadsheet

LibreOffice Calc. This is the LibreOffice spreadsheet editor, a very intuitive tool developed by The Document Foundation. Calc has functions very similar to Excel and is compatible with the sheets created by such program. It is one of the most interesting free options, it allows you to create graphs, pivot tables, column text and other basic options.

Libre Office Calc Spreadsheet

ONLYOFFICE Spreadsheet Editor. Onlyoffice is an office suite that has this open source spreadsheet editor, compatible with Office. It has a desktop version, but in this case it also has an online version thanks to ONLYOFFICE DocSpace. The good thing is that all the features of the desktop editor are available online.

Onlyoffice Spreadsheet Editor

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