The best alternatives to Power Point

Best Power Point Alternatives

Academic works, corporate documents, reports, studies, development of ideas… All these possibilities and more can be captured in a slide presentation. One of the computer programs most used for these tasks is Power Point, the well-known editor developed by Microsoft.

However, there are some alternatives that can be very interesting if you do not want to pay the license to use Power Point or if you are looking for options that include more functionalities. In this article you will see a list with the most outstanding alternatives.

Online Alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint

Google Slides. For those who are used to the Microsoft editor interface, there is a very similar version developed by Google. Google Slides is a very easy-to-use alternative that has several templates so you can adapt them to your needs. The fact that it is an online and free tool are some of its greatest advantages.

Google Slides App

canva. It is one of the most powerful alternatives, since it is not only dedicated to editing presentations, it is a tool to create all types of content, from business cards, posters and posts for social networks, to infographics.

Its use is very intuitive and it has a very complete free version, although if you want an even more professional level there is a paid version. Canva has a large library of resources and templates, it is available online and you can create work teams to edit files together.

Canva App

Visme. If you are looking to create highly personalized presentations, you can try Visme. An easy-to-use tool, with an intuitive design and that has a multitude of resources and templates to customize your designs. In fact, in addition to presentations you can also create posts for social networks, infographics, menus… And, in general, any graphic content.

It has interesting features such as being able to share your files via a URL, insert them into your website, add animations or import presentations in Power Point format and edit them, among others. However, although it is free, in order to download your files or share them privately you must be subscribed to its paid version.

Visme App

Keynote. Keynote is Apple’s proposal for editing slide presentations. It is integrated into almost all of the company’s devices, although if you have an iCloud account you can also access its online version on a device with another operating system other than iOS through the cloud platform.

It is a very intuitive interface that has various templates, effects and transitions. If you use it on an iPad you can have more specialized functions thanks to the fact that you can activate them with the Apple Pencil.

Keynote App

power point On-line. Although it may be paradoxical, an alternative to Power Point is its online versionand, as is the case with Excel Online as one of the alternatives to Microsoft Excel. Of course, if you are familiar with the Microsoft program, it will be easy for you to adapt to this version.

One of its great features is that you can work with files directly online and its functions are quite similar to the desktop version, however, somewhat smaller. To access it for free you only need to have a Microsoft account.

Power Point Online App

Prezi. The main feature of Prezi is that with it you can create very interactive presentations, achieving very attractive and dynamic designs. Its interface is easy to use, it can be accessed online and presentations can be created collaboratively.

What you do have to keep in mind is that it only has a trial plan for 14 days, then to access its functions you would have to subscribe to its payment plan.

Prezi App

Pictochart. This is an alternative with which, in addition to creating slide presentations, you can also create infographics, posters, flyers and other types of documents. It has a wide range of pre-established templates to customize. It has a free version, but also a paid version to have all its resources. Allows you to create presentations together with other users.

Pictochart App

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