The best alternatives to Reddit

List of alternatives to Reddit

After Reddit’s major outage in June 2023, when hundreds of subreddits disappeared, it’s likely that, if you’re still a user of the once free social network, you’re wondering what the best ones might be alternatives to Reddit.

Alternatives to Reddit may be few, but they have potential to provide solutions should many communities on the famous site eventually dissolve.

It is true that the platform operates normally and remains one of the most trafficked websites in 2023. However, on the Internet there are few, but good alternatives to Reddit. Therefore, in this article we will mention different options in which, logically, you will not be forced to pay to access your favorite content.

The best alternatives to Reddit

– Hacker News: this site focuses, as its name suggests, on news and discussions about technology. It is worth noting that Hacker was launched in 2007 and has practically no changes compared to its original design. What’s more, its interface is somewhat reminiscent of the Old Reddit style, where you could only see the titles before you could join a discussion.

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– Lemmy: is perhaps the closest thing to Reddit that you can find on the web. On the one hand, it is important to note that Lemmy is a federated network, which allows it to share certain similarities with platforms such as Mastodon. Due to this feature, on this website you will come across different servers whose moderation practices vary significantly.

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– Discord: is not exactly very similar to Reddit. However, this can be the ideal place for many Reddit users. That’s because a variety of Reddit communities have servers on Discord. There, members can share ideas, chat, start discussions, etc., even in a much more informal way.

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– Squabbles: if other alternatives like Lemmy are too chaotic for you, you can also try Squabbles. This platform has a very different design from Reddit. However, Squabbles integrates a main page where you can find communities to join and comment, which is precisely the essence of Reddit. Something very interesting about this social network is that, being a relatively recent creation, its developers are receiving and analyzing proposals to help them improve.

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