The best alternatives to Word

List of the best alternatives to Word

Microsoft Word is the most popular text file editing program worldwide. However, it is a paid tool and there are many others, which leads quite a few users to look for the best alternatives to Word. best alternatives to Word. Especially after the closure of WordPad.

There are totally free Word alternatives on the market that even integrate better designed features.

Even so, just as it happens when you are looking for alternatives to Microsoft Office or tools to design diagrams, not everything in the app stores and on the web is good enough to install on your computer or mobile. Therefore, in this article we will show you a list of the best Word alternatives.

The best applications similar to Microsoft Word

– Google Docs: or Google Documents, is the best alternative to Word currently available. In fact, Docs shares many similarities with the famous Microsoft product. However, perhaps the great advantage of this Workspace family app is that its collaborative function is much better developed.


– WPS Office Free Writer: this free text editor looks and works like Word. WPS Office Free Writer even has its own cloud service, which is similar to OneDrive and offers 1 GB of free storage. The app supports the vast majority of formats and offers you a wide variety of templates to start writing.

Office similar to Word

– FocusWriter: is often known for being the ideal complement to make quick drafts. FocusWriter can even be considered as a great option if you are looking for alternatives after the announcement of the definitive closure of WordPad, the tool that allowed you to edit texts in txt format.

Apps for writing

– AbiWord: as well as Google Docs, AbiWord also features automatic saving, multiple format support and collaborative functions to edit in real time with other users. As if that wasn’t enough, the app is available in several languages and allows you to save your files in .DOCX format.

Office application

– iWork Pages: as its name suggests, is only compatible with iOS and macOS. However, this powerful tool integrates an extremely intuitive interface. In addition, it offers the option to protect your documents with passwords, a variety of templates to generate all kinds of texts. You can also make changes to the document with a single click, import Microsoft files and much more.

Programs for editing documents

– LibreOffice Writer: is one of the most impressive text editing applications you can choose to replace Microsoft Word. Among other reasons, because LibreOffice Writer is compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS. Also, LibreOffice Writer is a powerful tool in which you can process virtually any kind of text-based work.

Word-like software

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