The best alternatives to Zoom for video calls

Zoom is one of the most popular and widely used applications for making video calls, however, there are many other alternatives available. Whether you are looking for increased privacy and security, better features, better sound and video quality, or simply more cost-effective options, this article rounds up some of the best options for making video calls.


The pandemic made Zoom extremely popular. as one of the leading video calling platforms. However, the panorama is much broader when it comes to video calling applications, as there are many other similar tools and even some that facilitate other tasks such as group work with audio and video.

Take advantage of video calls to be closer to your loved ones even at a distance.

Now that Zoom has announced layoffs and is in a more delicate situation, you may want to know about other alternatives to this tool. All of them require Internet access and a microphone and camera to be able to transmit images and video over the network. Take note of their names to try the apps that best suit your needs, or those that you can use when the Zoom service does not work.

-Slack: Although the Slack platform is best known for its instant messaging service, it also offers video calls. It allows you to record your screen for presentations, share live audio and integrate different tools for meetings of up to 50 participants.

Alternatives to Zoom as Slack

-Microsoft Teams: This is the default solution for Windows users. Microsoft Teams is part of Office 365 and provides full integration with the company’s office services, although it recently announced the end of free accounts for companies. It allows you to send emails, make video calls, save files and manage applications in real time.

How Skype works

-Google Meet: Another alternative to Zoom is Google Meet, Google’s solution to make your meetings by video call. It is a totally free alternative and offers group calls of 1 hour and up to 100 participants, but when there are many users the audio quality is significantly reduced. It also includes the possibility of creating subtitles in French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Spanish in the paid version.

Google Meet

-webMobi: With a much more youthful design and aesthetics, webMobi is one of the most fun and interesting alternatives to Zoom. It allows you to register and tag visitors to your event; add gamification aspects and generate more audience interaction as well as score attendees and create polls. Although it is not a traditional video call alternative, it is a great complement for your meetings and gatherings with several people at the same time.

webMobi and Zoom alternatives

-Skype: Skype was the replacement of the traditional Windows Messenger and, owned by Microsoft, it is still widely used to make video calls with family and friends, but also in the corporate environment. It allows zooming in on certain images and conversations, has a simple interface and direct translation into 42 different languages. It has lost users due to recurrent slowdown problems and bugs.

How Microsoft Teams works

Livapp: The best choice for live streaming. If you like real-time streaming, you can try Liveapp, create presentations from PDF pages, control camera zoom and focus and use your cell phone as a remote control.

Liveapp as an alternative to Zoom

Nextiva: With Nextiva you can use a whole communications center on the same platform. From video calls to instant messaging and the possibility of sharing office files. You can even set up meetings, show presentations and set up your agenda so you don’t miss a single meeting.

Alternatives to Zoom to use Nextiva

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