The best Amazon Kindles [2023]

Best Amazon Kindle

Although they are not the only alternative that exists on the market to read your favorite eBooks, the best Amazon Kindle Yes, they are a great bet in terms of quality-price ratio and comfort.

Like other electronic devices for reading, the best Amazon Kindles have very useful functions that you will not get on mobile phones and tablets. In short, with these recommendations you will not have any complications to get the most out of any subscription service to read eBooks that you are paying for or that you want to contract.

The best Amazon Kindles to buy in 2023

– Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition: It is the improved version of the original Paperwhite. One of the main differences between the Signature Edition and its predecessor is wireless charging. In addition, this Kindle also has a large 6.8-inch screen, self-adjusting lighting, IPX8 water resistance, 32 GB of internal memory and a battery life of up to 10 weeks.

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– Amazon Kindle (2022): Although only limited to the Amazon ecosystem, the retail giant’s most basic Kindle is one of the most affordable and solid alternatives for reading your e-books. Some notable features of this device are its impressive 6 weeks of autonomy and its clear and bright 6-inch screen.

Best Amazon Kindles

– Kindle Oasis: the best premium kindle. For its price range, the Kindle Oasis is a solid choice thanks to its aluminum casing, 32GB internal storage, IPX8 water resistance, and huge 7-inch screen. Some of the features that allow this luxurious e-reader to shine above the rest are its physical buttons and compatibility with audiobooks to listen to with Bluetooth speakers.

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– Amazon kindle (children’s edition): For obvious reasons, the Kindle Children’s Edition is one of the most durable e-readers on the market. The device has water resistance and a battery that allows you to extend its use for about 4 weeks. Perhaps the interface is a little limited, but in exchange the device includes a free subscription to Amazon Kids+.

Best kindle for kids

– Kindle Paperwhite: Without a doubt, the best Kindle overall. Like other devices in its class, the Kindle Paperwhite has truly remarkable water resistance. Likewise, the device stands out for its 32 GB of internal storage, a large bright and clear 6.8-inch screen with LED lighting and an impressive autonomy that will free you from having to go through the charger for 10 weeks.

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