The best Android emulators for Mac computers

Android emulators for Mac

Android emulators allow you to play the best mobile video games on Mac computers. The same goes for Google Play Store applications, which also with them can be run from the computer without any inconvenience.

Emulate Android on Mac is easier than it seems, it will be enough to install the right program to enjoy all the benefits.

If you also want to enjoy the experience of your cell phone on your Mac computer, here you will find the best Android emulators that are also compatible with mouse and keyboard.

– BlueStacks: for many, this is one of the best Android emulators because it is the most complete. Not only is it compatible with Mac, but it makes it possible to create custom controls, run multiple video games simultaneously and has features that reduce power consumption when the emulator is in use.

– PrimeOS: has its own installer to facilitate this process and has a complete desktop with each of the Android tools. A plus point is that it allows the user to get the Google Play Store to install whatever he wants and accepts the connection of controllers, keyboards, joysticks, etc.

– Android Studio: a feasible option for those who develop applications. It is not the easiest to use, but anyone is able to install the emulator. It should be noted that its performance is very solid and stable, it is free of errors, works perfectly on Mac.

– GameLoop: as the name suggests, is an emulator made by Tencent for gamers. The installation is very simple and the platform is accessed in a matter of a couple of minutes or less. The entry system exposes the most wanted video games, but there is also a huge list of apps.

– NoxPlayer: puts the tools needed to log in to the Google Play Store just a click away. Something very useful is that it recognizes the keyboard automatically, so no manual configuration is required. It is complete, takes screenshots, records videos, installs games and apps and much more.

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