The best Android tablets for kids

Best Android tablets

A tablet can be extremely useful for a kid, not only because it entertains him, but also because it can be used to store books, multimedia content, do homework and more. Logically, an important point is that the child can be entertained with a tablet safely so that the device becomes his ally and not a problem. Today we will analyze which are the best Android tablets in this field in 2022 in case you are thinking of getting one for your children.

A tablet for kids offers durability and can be 100% controlled by parents to prevent access to dangerous content.

It should not be overlooked that these types of tablets stand out in the market for their resistance. They are designed to fully withstand the rough treatment of a child, they will not be easily damaged because they will withstand any kind of accident.

DragonTouch KidzPad Y88X 7

Best Android tablets for kids

This is an inexpensive alternative that stands out in the market because it has all the apps and features a child needs. A key point is that it has a shockproof bumper case, a shoulder strap and a stylus that is perfect for drawing, painting and writing.

Lenovo Tab M8HD

List of the best Android tablets

It is one of the most powerful tablets you can buy for a child and features Kid’s Mode 3.0. An add-on that is able to turn the OS into a fun and educational platform. As for the browser, it will only display whitelisted pages that are safe for use and have age-appropriate content.

Leapfrog Academy Tablet

Best Android tablets for kids in 2022

Leapfrog is one of the flagship brands in the field of electronic and educational toys for kids. For that reason, this is one of the best Android tablets for kids. The best thing about the tablet is the software created by Leapfrog itself, as it is customizable. Children will be able to create an entertainment space perfectly adapted to their tastes.

Amazon Fire 10 Kids Pro

Tablets for kids

Amazon has designed a special tablet for children up to 12 years of age. The case designs they offer are great, they will adapt to the taste of the kid without problems. To ensure safe browsing, it has the children’s section so that surfing the Internet does not become a problem.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Android tablets for kids

One of the main advantages of the tablet manufactured by Samsung is that it has a very affordable price and offers unique advantages. It is a device serves multiple purposes, whether it is consuming multimedia content, playing games, reading, surfing the web and much more. Although it is an ideal tablet for children, it can perform a variety of tasks.

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