The best antivirus for cell phones [2023]

The best antivirus for cell phones in 2023 can be a challenge to find, as the technology is rapidly changing and developments in security are growing exponentially. Many people are unaware that antivirus protection is even necessary on their cell phones, yet it is one of the most important safety tools for ensuring your phone and its data are secure. Protecting your data is paramount and the best antivirus for cell phones in 2023 is a must to stay safe from malicious threats.

Best antivirus for mobiles that you can download

The best antivirus for cell phones ensure the security of your device and protect it against malware efficiently. In addition to having these essentials, a good antivirus includes protection beyond Trojans and malware.

Some of the best antivirus integrate good VPN services and intuitive, well-designed interfaces.

There is a plethora of mobile antivirus on the market. However, in this selection you will find a brief review of the most prominent developers, McAfee, Norton, Google, among others, which stand out for offering a good service, although they are usually paid.

– Norton Mobile Security: not the cheapest on the list, but one of the most efficient in terms of malware protection. It is a great option, although it no longer offers a free plan. Its unlimited VPN service (for a fee) is one of its strongest points.

Best mobile antivirus of 2023

– Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: one of the most efficient antivirus for Android. It stands out for its free version free of ads and a call blocking system that really works. Its great strength is the protection against malware and the blocking of phishing pages.

Best antivirus for mobiles that you can download

– Avast Mobile Security & AntivirusAvast Mobile Security: stands out for its large number of options and attractive interface. However, the quality of its free version is below average. Even so, its paid versions are quite recommendable and affordable.

Best antivirus for Android mobiles

– Lookout Security and Antivirus: is one of the most classic Android antivirus and one of the most reliable. Its free level protects against a lot of malicious websites and malware. However, the application is a bit heavy and affects the performance of the device.

Protection against malwares

– McAfee Mobile SecurityMcAfee Mobile Security : Like Avast, McAfee removed a good variety of useful options from its free version. Nevertheless, the Premium level has guest mode, anti-theft, URL filtering, storage cleaner and much more.

Spy protection

– Google Play ProtectAmong its plus points is the fact that it comes preinstalled on Android phones and the possibility of remotely uninstalling malicious apps. However, its support against malware is inferior to several of the antivirus recommended in this selection.

Virus protection

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