The best antivirus for your computer [2024]

Computer antivirus allows your PC to be as safe as possible when you browse the Internet, since will keep threats at bay such as trojans, worms, adware and more. Likewise, they are intuitive platforms that will put all the tools you need to secure your computer within a click.

So, if you want your PC to be protected from the dangers of the web, here you will find a list of the best computer antivirus that you can download – and purchase – today. They do an exceptional job and their detection capacity is very efficient. Furthermore, if you also want to protect your smartphone, these programs are available as antivirus for mobile phones.

Antivirus for computer recommended in 2024

Any antivirus you choose from this list will help you have a clean and safe PC because these programs will prevent malware from becoming a nightmare.


Bitdefender is one of the most complete antivirus available, it protects against ransomware, strengthens the browser to protect financial transactions, has a VPN to protect the connection, removes ad trackers, updates automatically, and more.

As an antivirus, logically, it is one of the most solid, the majority of tests carried out by independent studies give it a perfect score because it detects all threats and quarantines them quickly so that the user knows what the software is doing. Its most economical plan starts at 30 euros per year.

Programs to protect the computerPrograms to protect the computer


It offers real-time malware protection to neutralize any virus before it enters the computer system. Likewise, it has a section to detect various types of ransomware to prevent viruses with encrypted files from harming your PC.

The service has a VPN to encrypt Internet traffic and protect your data when you browse. Both are useful functions that make it possible to shield your computer efficiently. The Malwarebytes premium plan is priced at 38.24 euros per year.

Software to protect against malwareSoftware to protect against malware


With this antivirus you will find everything in one place, for starters, its paid package includes a VPN, a password manager and a small program that is used to delete junk files from your computer so that they do not take up space. It also incorporates a system against identity theft and security of your Internet network.

A notable feature is Home Network Security, which allows you to follow all the devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi network from a single menu and will inform you of any unauthorized intrusion. McAfee's protection against any type of malware is absolute and its basic package costs 40 euros per year.

Web virus protectionWeb virus protection


We arrive at a software that stands out for its effectiveness, the malware detection rate is one of the highest, since it has practically no margin for error. It will block most cyber threats without any problem and you will have access to its activity through the intuitive and practical menu it has.

On the other hand, the free service of this antivirus is excellent, it offers a complete malware scanner and anti-phishing protection, which could be enough for most users. With the paid membership of 20 euros per year, you will get real-time protection, ransomware shields, cloud scanner and disk cleaner.

Free antivirusFree antivirus


We close with the ESET NOD32 antivirus because its protection package is complete and does a good job. Includes real-time scanning against malware and ransomware. It also has web protection to keep everything related to harmful JavaScript codes at bay.

In addition to virus protection, it has a password manager and encryption for personal files so that vital information on your PC remains protected. The basic software plan starts with a price of 50 euros per year, which is a high cost, but it allows you to use the platform on Windows, macOS and Android at the same time.

All-in-one antivirusAll-in-one antivirus

Other antivirus that you can take into account

– Vipre Advance Security: A big plus point is that it does not consume many resources. It is able to stop any type of malicious file, monitor emails and automatically quarantine suspicious messages.

– Avast Free Antivirus: It is one of the most competent free solutions on the market. Not only does it fight malware, but it offers a password manager, extra security for your home network, and a VPN to hide your identity whenever you want. Furthermore, the interface is very intuitive and clean.

– McAfee: It is one of the most complete antivirus of the moment, achieving perfect results when detecting malware. A unique quality is that it has encrypted online storage and additional protection for cryptocurrency accounts. It also has a VPN that allows you to browse anonymously.

–Norton 360: Norton's partnership with LifeLock has made it an exceptional tool because it can monitor the black market to report if your identity is at risk. The system creates an alert when your email, date of birth or social security number is sold illegally on the Internet.

– Trend Micro Antivirus: uses cutting-edge technology to recognize portals that are legitimate or fake. It is also capable of detecting phishing and includes a tool called Pay Guard. This serves to protect your personal financial information while carrying out any banking operation or when shopping online.

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